Do you have problems with premature ejaculation control? If you’ve ever experienced premature ejaculation, you know how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, sex therapists have identified the best sexual positions for better control of your ejaculation and longer-lasting erections.

4 Best Positions for Better Ejaculation Contro

Let’s look at some of the best positions to ensure that you and your partner get maximum pleasure out of intercourse.

Spooning Sexual Intercourse Position


Spooning is rated as the best position for better ejaculation control by 30% of therapists. It is a very intimate position, allowing both partners to relax and enjoy each other’s presence without focusing on penetrative thrusting or endurance. This relaxed atmosphere helps to reduce stress and increase pleasure, resulting in a more satisfying experience for both partners.


The missionary position is also widely regarded as one of the best for ejaculation control, with 24% of sex therapists rating it highly. In this position, penetrative thrusting can be controlled more quickly, allowing the man to last longer before climaxing. Additionally, eye contact between partners allows for increased intimacy which can help to make sex more enjoyable and fulfilling overall.

Doggy Style Position ejaculation control

Doggy Style

Doggy style is rated highly by 13% of sex therapists as being beneficial in preventing premature ejaculation. This position allows greater penetration depth with less friction than other positions, meaning there is less stimulation on sensitive areas, and you can last longer during intercourse. Doggy style also allows you to experiment with different angles and depths to find out what feels most comfortable and pleasurable for you and your partner.

Cowgirl sexual intercourse position woman on top ejaculation control


Finally, the cowgirl style is rated highly by 12% of sex therapists as being beneficial in controlling ejaculation. This position allows the woman to hold the angle and depth of penetration, which can help her partner last longer due to reduced sensitivity on sensitive areas such as her clitoris or G-spot. In addition, this can result in a more rewarding experience for both partners since she has more control over her pleasure while he gets extra time before climaxing!

Other Ways to Improve Ejaculation Control

Changing up sexual positions will not be enough to overcome premature ejaculations. The most common techniques recommended by sex therapists are:

  • The stop-start methods
  • Ejaculation delay products
  • Speaking to a sex therapist
  • Medication

To use the stop-start method, before you orgasm, stop and engage in foreplay. Then begin having sexual intercourse again. Also, try sprays and creams explicitly made for ejaculation control. In addition, speaking with a sex therapist may help to uproot mental health issues that may contribute to premature ejaculation. Finally, talk with your doctor about SSRI antidepressants to delay ejaculation.

The Last Word on the Best Positions for Better Ejaculation Control

Poor ejaculation control doesn’t have to be a permanent problem; plenty of positions can help improve your performance during intercourse, according to a sex survey! Spooning, missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl are all great options for lasting longer during intercourse because they provide extra stimulation while giving both partners greater intimacy during their encounters! So, if you want to improve your bedroom performance, try out some new positions today! But, of course, with practice comes perfection – so don’t give up hope! Good luck!

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