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Are you looking for steps to get a curvy hourglass figure? The days of the stick figure and being extremely thin are over. Instead, we see a more shapely hourglass figure make its return. Curves are back in; fortunately for us, this is a much easier shape to attain through exercise and a healthy diet.

This article discusses lifestyle changes you can make to achieve a curvier figure and other trade tricks to give your body a more hourglass shape. Here are five steps to getting a curvy hourglass figure:

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Exercise and Diet –

Exercising and eating right is the first and most crucial step to getting a more shapely hourglass figure. When we say exercise, we don’t mean you have to spend hours at the gym every day or go on some wild diet.

Instead, follow a healthy exercise routine that includes squats, donkey kicks, and lunges to shape your butt and thighs. In addition, eating healthy fats like avocado and olive oil and protein like eggs, chicken, and fish will help give your body more curves.

Clothing Choices –

Another way to create the illusion of an hourglass figure is by choosing suitable clothing. For example, wearing tight clothes around your waist and flared at the bottom will help give you a more hourglass shape. Also, wearing vertical stripes can help make you look taller and leaner.

Shapewear –

If you want to give your body an instant hourglass shape, shapewear is your best friend. There are so many different types of shapewear on the market nowadays that can help slim your waist and give you a bigger butt.

Choose a high-waisted pair of shaping shorts or leggings to wear under dresses and skirts. Or, if you want to wear a fitted dress or top, opt for a bodysuit with built-in shaping.

Cosmetic Procedures –

If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, some cosmetic procedures can help. Liposuction or fat transfer are popular procedures that can help sculpt your body into an hourglass shape.

Liposuction involves removing excess fat from areas like your stomach, thighs, and arms and transferring it to your butt and breasts. Fat transfer is a similar procedure where fat is removed from places like your stomach and thighs and injected into your butt and breasts.

Wear a Corset –

Another way to get a more hourglass shape is to wear a corset. Corsets have been around for centuries and are still popular for women who want to achieve a smaller waist.

When choosing a corset, ensure it fits snugly around your waist, and choose one that is boned. You can wear your corset over your clothes or under them. If you decide to wear it under your clothes, wear something loose-fitting on top, so you don’t look too bulky.

The Last Word on 5 Steps to Getting a Curvy Hourglass Figure

There are a few different ways to get a more hourglass figure. You can achieve a curvier body naturally with proper exercise and diet. Or, you can use clothing and shapewear to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

If you want to achieve a more hourglass shape, some cosmetic procedures can help. First, make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your skin, whatever route you choose!

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