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Public Speaking Anxiety – How to Overcome It with these 5 Steps

Overcoming public speaking anxiety

Public speaking is one of the most common types of performance anxiety. Fear of the stage and the audience can paralyze a normal mind. The scientific term for public speaking anxiety is Glossophobia. This fear can hamper your professional and personal life. To advance in a professional career, you need excellent communication skills.

But don’t worry! You can gradually overcome this fear by following some practices. There are many techniques to help you overcome your speaking fears.

What public speaking anxiety does to us during a speech

Being nervous while speaking in front of the public can affect the quality of your speech delivery and can even affect the way you come across to your audience. When you are nervous, you speak too quickly while ignoring the audience. A person with Glossophobia talks in a flat voice and with very little excitement and vocal pitch variation. They go through their experiences without fully committing to their speech. One of the major issues with talking too quickly is that it will interfere with your breathing. You will sound monotone because of the lack of air in your lungs. And eventually, the audience will struggle to understand what you are saying.

reason behind public speaking fear

What is the reason behind this fear?

According to Scott Berkun, author of “Confessions of a Public Speaker,” the human brain recognizes the following conditions as extremely hazardous to survival.

  • Standing alone
  • Being without a weapon
  • If you are on an open territory and you have no place to hide,
  • In front of many strangers, who are staring at you

And a person experiences all the above conditions on a stage.


Here are a few tips to overcome public speaking anxiety-

prepare thoroughly to prevent public speaking anxiety

● Prepare thoroughly

Nothing will help to overcome public speaking anxiety better than knowing your materials for a speech to ease the fear of public speaking. It is essential to be confident to connect with your audience, and you will not get lost during your delivery. Rehearse your speech several times before going on the stage. The confidence that you know the next line of your speech will help you deliver it well. You can also use natural herbs like CBD to make your day more productive.

Engage Audience for public speaking anxiety

● Engage the audience

Make your presentation or speech a two-way interaction by adding questions for audience participation to reduce boredom. Having the audience involved will also allow you to rearrange your thoughts if things are going off track. By related and interacting with your audience, you can overcome public speaking anxiety.

reduce anxiety with CBD

● Reduce your public speaking anxiety and increase your focus by using cannabinoids

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an anxiolytic, which means it is used to reduce anxiety. Including anti-anxiety CBD oil tincture in your daily routine naturally boosts your confidence and combats stress and anxiety. CBD oil is the best solution on the market for treating Glossophobia. A cannabinoid is an active compound extracted from cannabis that interacts with the brain to improve thinking, memory, and coordination. It also helps to boost confidence so that you can face the crowd.

Find a friend to improve mental health

● Find a friend to focus on

Before speaking on stage, to overcome public speaking anxiety, introduce yourself to the audience in the front row. While talking, look people in the eye to tease your brain and to connect with your audience. Then, before hitting the stage, look at the audience and find a familiar face or a friend. Now you have to give your entire speech and presentation by looking at them. Looking at a friendly face gives you confidence and relieves the pressure that comes from the unknown.

● Start small

To overcome public speaking anxiety as a beginner, start small. First, rehearse your speech in front of a mirror, considering your mirror image to be an audience. Then, practice speaking in front of your family members and a few friends. The size of the audience doesn’t matter. Doing this will help you eliminate your fear.

Deep breathing proves to be very calming. So breathe slowly and take two to five deep breaths before going up to the stage or podium for your speech.

The Final Words:

Public speaking is an art, and everyone wants to become a master at it. But to achieve great heights in this art, you need to work continuously on your skills, knowledge, and personality. Also, it would be best if you overcome public speaking anxiety.

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