6 Effective Slam Ball Exercises for Weight Loss

Would you like to know about effective slam ball exercises for weight loss? Numerous ways are there to work out using a ball in the fitness center. There are ball sports, such as soccer, basketball, and tennis, to name a few. Then there are medical balls, BOSU balls, and stability balls. They all have advantages, but if you want a power sweat, you need only one ball: the slam ball.

As the name suggests, much of it involves slamming it with “significant” force to the ground. If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you to start doing slam ball exercises immediately, the numerous advantages certainly will.

A slam ball during exercise helps with both cardio and athletic prowess.  It also aids in strengthening your body, particularly your core. A slam ball provides resistance and extra weight when performing energetic exercise moves. All these benefits combined also help you lose weight.

Now that you are convinced to try out the slam ball workout, here are a few exercises you might want to start with:

1.   Squat Throw

Squat throws are an excellent full slam ball workout that primarily targets the quads while also working the hamstring muscles, shoulders, glutes, and triceps to a lesser extent. Additionally, it aids in reducing body fat in specific body parts.

Place your feet hip-distance apart, stand straight, and point your toes slightly outward. Hold the ball at chest level, and squat down while keeping your core tight and the ball steady. Push the ball forward as you slowly exit your squat position. Ensure to push the ball quickly and explosively as you can.

slam ball squats

2.   Slam Ball Snatch

A slam ball snatch is your typical snatch using a slam ball. This workout will work on every muscle group in your body but is safer and easier to incorporate into your training at home. To do this, start in a low squat position. Put the ball in the space between your heels, and keep your eyes on the front. When the slam ball reaches your chest level, jump while dragging it up your body.

Keep your arms straight as you raise the ball higher and higher until it’s just above your head. One fluid motion should be used to complete this movement. When you bring the slam ball back down, reverse this step and place it between your heels. Repeat the exercise as many times as you find comfortable.

3.   Flutter Kick

 Flutter kicks are a powerful slam ball exercise that primarily targets the abs. You must concentrate on your coordination while performing this exercise. To do this, lie on your back and raise the ball over your head.

Lift your arms above your chest while maintaining a solid core. You should also lift your legs a few inches above the ground. Follow this by squeezing your glutes and legs to make them move in a flutter kick motion while maintaining a stable upper body. Repeat the entire movement, lowering the ball and your legs.

4.   Slam Ball Burpee

Adding a slam ball to a regular burpee exercise is far more challenging. The slam ball burpee aids in both muscle growth and cardiovascular improvement. To do this, stand straight up, hold your deadweight (slam ball) over your head, and slam it as hard as you can onto the ground.

Squat down, put your balls in your hands, and then jump into a push-up position. Then, jump back into the lower squat position right away. In the next step, jump as high as possible while holding a ball above your head. Repeat this workout as many times as you feel comfortable.

Russian Twist Slam Ball Exercises for Weight Loss

5.   Russian Twist

The slam ball Russian twist is an excellent exercise for working on your obliques, glutes, and hamstrings. It’s also a great exercise if you have balance problems because it stabilizes your muscles, improving your balance and coordination.

Begin this slam ball exercise by putting your body in a V-sit position by bending your knees.  Begin by twisting the ball from one side to the other with both hands. Throughout the exercise, keep your abs tight and your entire waist engaged.

6.   Slam Ball Toe Touch

A toe touch exercise requires tightening your abs and core throughout the workout. This exercise is an excellent way to work on your significant muscles while concentrating on core strength. Adding a ball to the routine activates your core and stabilizer muscles.

To do this, you can start by lying on your back with your arms stretched above your head while holding a ball. Make sure you have a firm grip on the ball. Lift your legs and arms simultaneously, keeping your core muscles tight, and bring your toes and the ball towards the center, with your shoulders slightly off the floor. Return to your starting position and repeat the workout.

lunches with a slam ball for weight loss

Conclusion on 6 Effective Slam Ball Exercises for Weight Loss

There are many exercises one can perform to lose weight. These exercises may include burpees, squats, crunches, etc., as these exercises focus on tightening particular muscles. The effectiveness of these exercises rises even further when one adds a slam ball to it.

Slam ball increases the muscles in a workout and makes it more fun. It also helps add some dead weight and helps improve the balance. If you are looking forward to adding a slum ball to your routine and are not sure where to start, then the information in this article should be able to help you.

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