Author: Anthony O'Reilly

Anthony O'Reilly is a NASM-certified nutrition coach and personal trainer whose work has been featured in Muscle & Fitness and BarBend, and previously was an award-winning reporter and photographer for newspapers on Long Island and Queens, NY. After spending most of his life overweight, he dropped 80 pounds and took control of his health and fitness. Outside of work, he still enjoys Little Debbie cakes but offsets them with rigorous hikes and workouts. He's an avid Manchester United supporter, through thick and thin.

Clean The Floor At Your Next Trivia Night With These Records And Fun Facts About Olympic Weightlifting. We’ve seen many sports come and go at the Summer Olympic Games, but one has, so far, withstood the test of time: Olympic weightlifting (the sport’s status for the 2028 Games remains in the air, but more on that later). At the inaugural 1896 Games in Athens, Greece had a one-handed weightlifting event1 in addition to the two-handed competition. Like the sport, the Olympic weightlifting records book has a long and storied history. This article will review its latest chapter to show who holds the…

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