The 5 Best Personal Trainer Apps

Are you looking for personal trainer apps? Recent years have seen an increase in self-led workouts and virtual training options. Staying active anywhere, anytime is one of the advantages of virtual workouts. Suppose you wish to get a personal trainer’s benefits without a personal trainer’s commitment. In that case, you can install one of the best personal training apps on your smart device whenever you wish to burn calories.

Pull out your smart device whenever you want and choose the app of your choice to get started. It is best if you have a few essential gear capable of working in small spaces to get the most out of your apps.

With so many fitness apps, it may be hard to figure out which is right for you. Whether cycling through the city, power walking on your terrace, running along the trails, or downward dogging under the stars, these fitness apps keep you motivated.

However, you might have to ensure that the internet connection is steady and sound to download these apps. Spectrum Internet is a great option if you are looking for suggestions. The speed tiers are excellent, prices are affordable, and customer service is exceptional. 

The 5 Best Personal Trainer Apps

Below are some of the best apps to download immediately:


FiiT offers a variety of classes at different difficulty levels through a subscription-based app. The duration of classes typically ranges from 10 to 40 minutes. HIIT, Pilates, yoga, and low-impact cardio are just a few workout options. There are a total of over 20 unique training plans that are personalized based on fitness goals and experience levels.

You can also exercise with your friends using group leaderboards through your membership and access an online community. You can try FiiT out for 14 days for free and subscribe to monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans starting at around $13.


One of the best personal trainer apps on the market. Exercise regimens, diet suggestions, workout schedules, and more are all combined into one experience. With the app, you will find 400 healthy recipe ideas and 350 exercise tutorials. You can also set workout and food goals based on your fitness level. There is only one downside to this plan: surprisingly high premiums. We recommend paying a year upfront if you decide to go the premium route – it is a quarter less.


Seven is a good choice when time is short, and you only have a few minutes per day to work out. Over 200 workouts are available in this app, requiring no more than 7 minutes a day.

Create a custom workout plan by entering your fitness level and setting workout goals. Join group workouts and chat with other users after participating in a 30-day challenge, dueling your friends, or chatting with other users. Most of the basic features of Seven are included in the free version. Join the 7 Club for $9.99 monthly for more workouts and individualized training.


There might not be a better app than this for representing the experience of working with a personal trainer. A workout regimen is built for you based on the information you provide in the app. You can set reminders with the app, which supports Google Fit and Fitbit. Additionally, it helps you avoid injury and burnout by tweaking your sessions. 

However, despite the app’s many features, it never seems overly complicated. The monthly prices are slightly lower, but the yearly prices are slightly better.

iWOD Fitness

Are double-unders and burpees your thing? This CrossFit newsfeed app provides articles, Paleo recipes, and daily workouts. The app also includes a Tabata timer, an interval timer, and a countdown timer. Several videos in the Life Library demonstrate the proper way to perform certain lifts, which can help you double-check your form. Whether working out with a group or on your own, the app will store all your WODs.

My PT Hub

The My PT Hub app is another popular choice for personal trainers who want to remain organized and update their clients. My PT Hub takes trainers step-by-step through the entire client management process, including entering client data, selecting customizable workout and nutritional plans, setting up mobile apps for users, and tracking their progress with visual charts.

In addition to creating and accepting one-off or recurring payments, you can collect and store billing and invoicing receipts.

Many users have noted My PT Hub’s excellent customer service if you need assistance setting-up personal trainer software.

The Last Word on the 5 Best Personal Trainer Apps

If you are looking for personal training apps to get the job done, download any of the apps mentioned above. Each app has pros and cons, so that you can choose one according to your preferences and affordability. If you still have questions, please write them in the comments section. 


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