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    TF Clark Fitness Magazine provides a variety of featured articles on health, fitness, workouts, diets, muscle gain, and weight loss. While there are many important concepts to learn about some create the corner stone for health and fitness. These featured articles create the fitness foundation for those eager to learn. Featured articles provide in-depth knowledge and assist in taking your fitness journey to the next level. Some articles such as how to build power on any lift should be ready by everyone interested in building muscle. The four major lifts the squat, deadlift, bench press, back row, and shoulder press all provide a bases for many popular articles. Protein is another great concept that every fitness enthusiast must know about. The featured articles serve as the anchor for all the other information that you will learn about on your journey. TF Clark Fitness Magazine provides quality resources that you can use to get the best fitness results. We provide videos to show you how to use the correct form. In addition, we provide fitness calculators to help you get your calories in line and track your results. Also, we provide additional articles to increase your knowledge about workouts, diets, health and fitness. These resources compliment our featured articles. To excel at building muscle and burning fat you must become a student of health and fitness. I am sure you have heard the saying what you don't know want hurt you but will kill you. Now we are not going to take it that far but ignorance can definitely kill your results. When you know better you can do better. Because muscle growth and fat loss are not magic but science.