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Discover how to use motivation to focus and complete a fitness goal. You can reach your fitness goals faster by finding ways to get motivated and stay motivated. Consequently, motivation is the catalyst to your success on a health and fitness journey. Learn how to discover and use motivation to stay supercharged about your diet and workout.

TFClark Fitness Magazine provides information on using motivation, energy, and focus to reach your goals faster. This category includes articles on intrinsic and extrinsic sources of motivation. Motivation uses your emotions and thoughts to get you excited about a fitness journey.

By finding new activities, resources, and goals, you can stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. The status quo is the enemy of motivation. Staying focused and completing a fitness journey will be tricky unless you find new things to challenge you. When you are motivated, it becomes easy to do, no matter how difficult the journey is. Therefore, let’s find new ways to get and stay motivated.