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Category: Healthy Living – How to Get Results Away From the Gym

  • 3 Steps to Keep the Family Healthy During a Pandemic

    How do you keep the family healthy and fit during a pandemic? Unfortunately, fitness isn’t always a priority when families remain at home during pandemic times. But the good news is, you can re-center your family’s wellness — and it’s doable, even while you’re stuck at home — indoors or out. For inspiration, check out […]

  • Sleep Deprivation – 5 Terrible Ways to Destroy Fitness Dream

    Sleep deprivation causes many problems that get overlooked. It can prevent you from reaching your goals. By getting a whole night’s rest, you can perform better.   Sleep deprivation impairs the organ that plays the most prominent role in metabolism. The brain accounts for 20% of the body’s metabolism. Sleep deprivation impairs the brain like […]

  • Social Media – How Likes and Shares Affect Overall Health

    Social media is destroying your health emotionally, physically, and mentally. The internet age pushed its way into your life. A ton of events worldwide flash across your computer screen in a mega-second. You use the internet to chat with new and old friends. Besides chatting, there are streaming live concerts, watching videos, political protesting, and […]

  • Technology – How Computers Quietly Destroy People’s Health

    How much time should you spend working on computers without destroying your health? Did you know that using computers for longer durations inevitably leads to back strain, poor posture, and even poor eyesight? Kevin Carneiro, a doctor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill […]

  • Face Masks – How to Best Protect Against Coronavirus

    What are the top 5 face masks to protect against coronavirus? Covid-19 is everywhere, and it is hard to escape from it without taking precautions. It is almost impossible to avoid human interaction. A cough or sneeze can contain hundreds of infected droplets. Researchers have shown that some people are just carriers and do not […]