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Category: Mental Health – How to Nurture a Healthy and Fit Mind

  • Reduce Stress – 6 Natural Ways to Improve Fitness

    How can you reduce the stress that affects your fitness? Stress is quite common because of changes in lifestyle and hectic work schedules. You may experience frequent bouts of anxiety or low mood after long-term work stress. Also, it transforms into physical stress as sleep deprivation, headache, and malaise. You can try natural remedies or […]

  • Public Speaking Anxiety – How to Overcome It with 5 Steps

    Public speaking is one of the most common types of performance anxiety. Fear of the stage and the audience can paralyze a normal mind. The scientific term for public speaking anxiety is Glossophobia. This fear can hamper your professional and personal life. To advance in a professional career, you need excellent communication skills. But don’t […]

  • Brain Power – How to Increase Energy with Food and Supplements

    Are you wondering how to keep your energy up and your brain sharp? Don’t worry. We have some amazing techniques for you to try. There’s no doubt that you truly are what you eat. Therefore, a healthy diet is the best secret to a healthy body and a productive lifestyle. Clean eating will keep you […]

  • 3 Unusual Ways to Relieve Stress

    With everything that’s going on in the world today, keeping stress at bay can be rather tricky. Sometimes, pressure can be so high that it might affect different areas of your life. For instance, we’ve previously discussed how ‘Emotional Health Affects Fat Loss’ by discouraging a person from working out or eating right. High levels […]

  • Mental Disorder – A Step-By-Step Guide to Identify the Most Common

    How do you identify a mental disorder? Everyone goes through physical and emotional changes in life. One of the essential things about being human is dealing with the way emotions transform as we grow older. However, some individuals have weaknesses because of their genetic makeup or violent family background. For those predisposed to mental illnesses, […]