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Category: Physical Health – How to Protect Your Greatest Asset

  • Tracking Sleep – Technology Will Improve Health and Fitness

    With various new ” smartwatches ” and electronic activity trackers, you can track your sleep, fitness, and activity levels. Many of these new lifestyle trackers keep you motivated. They also improve your health and fitness by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. So how do these electronic gadgets track and analyze your sleep? Sleep […]

  • Nails, Hair, and Skin Health – Why They Are Important

    What do your nails, hair, and skin say about your fitness and health? Healthy living is the balance of both the physical and mental health of a person. Health can affect both the physical and mental functioning of a person both positively and negatively. To maintain a good healthy lifestyle, taking part in physical activities […]

  • Fighting Coronavirus – How to Create a Robust Immune System

    How do you fight the coronavirus with a healthy immune system? I live in Orlando, Florida, and this week our mayor issued a mandatory stay-at-home order because of the coronavirus. We can only leave our homes for medical reasons, food, exercise, walking the dog, and work supplies. It does not sound like a severe stay-at-home […]