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Category: Professional Bodybuilders – What You Can Learn From the Best

  • Nick Walker – How to Use Pain to Make Bodybuilder Gains

    Nick Walker is a competitive bodybuilder, first from the United States, who competes against the world’s greatest bodybuilders. He won the 2021 Arnold Classic, the world’s second most renowned bodybuilding competition. The Mutant is his nickname. Someone assaulted him as a youngster, making it difficult to believe anyone after such trauma could succeed. Also, this […]

  • Hadi Choopan – The Right Approach to a Bodybuilder’s Diet

    What can you learn from Hadi Choopan? We love to read about the world’s best bodybuilders. We want to learn more about them to gain insight that will help us reach our fitness goals faster. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. You are a bodybuilder if you are trying to build muscle or burn stomach fat. Maybe […]

  • Hunter Labrada – Learn from a Student of Bodybuilding

    Hunter Labrada is the son of IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada and an aspiring bodybuilder. He presently lives in Houston, Texas, where he works in the marketing department at Labrada Nutrition. He received his education at Texas A&M University, where he majored in economics. Hunter aspired to be an American football superstar as a […]

  • Dorian Yates: Six-Time Mr. Olympia Champion

    Everything suffices to say that a six-time Mr. Olympia champion like Dorian Yates specializes in developing a workout plan for putting on bulk. The 59-year-old former athlete, who won championships from 1992 to 1997, recently went on YouTube for a minute segment to clarify several illusions about the sport, particularly how people should exercise to […]

  • Frank Zane – Learn from a Legendary Bodybuilder

    Why should you care about Frank Zane, a former bodybuilder, and Mr. Olympia? By understanding the history of bodybuilding, the success, and the failures, you increase your chances of success. Frank Zane, the bodybuilder, rose to prominence as a three-time Mr. Olympia champion. He set many milestones in the bodybuilding industry. Before Arnold, Jay, Big […]