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Category: Professional Bodybuilders – What You Can Learn From the Best

  • Shawn Rhoden – A Complexed and Different Bodybuilding Story

    Shawn Rhoden, a bodybuilder, was a professional for over 20 years. He competed in his fair share of competitions, winning Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic Title. Shawn was one of the most successful bodybuilders in history, but that doesn’t mean he took it easy on himself or avoided hard work. By winning the Mr. […]

  • Brandon Curry–How To Train Like a Warrior Bodybuilder

    Brandon Curry is a well-known bodybuilder in the world of muscle and fitness. Countless fitness websites, magazines, and more provide features on his career. In addition, his Instagram page boasts over a million followers eager to see his new workouts and recipes that he posts. He recently shared insight into his typical daily meal plan […]

  • Lee Haney – One of the Greatest Bodybuilders to Remember

    Lee Haney is one of the greatest bodybuilders you shouldn’t forget. He won eight Mr. Olympia titles, a record when he competed in his prime years. So many people should remember him because he was never on steroids during his career, and even when he started competing later in life, Lee Haney still won six […]

  • George Peterson – Learn from His Bodybuilding Journey

    Today we lost another grand champion in the sport of bodybuilding, and one more person is gone too soon from this world. You may not know his name or who he was, but George Peterson, a bodybuilder, had an M&S physique rivaling Ronnie Coleman. However, we knew him well for his legs, unlike anything seen […]

  • Bigger Bodybuilders – What They Do Differently?

    Why are there so many bigger bodybuilders today? When Dorian Yates dominated Olympia in the 1990s, people thought this was as good as possible. They couldn’t imagine anyone being more significant and ripped than this freak of nature. Then along came Ronnie Coleman and changed all that. Now, only long-time bodybuilding fans even remember Yates. […]