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Professionals - What Can Be Learned from the Journey of Champions

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The Professional Bodybuilders Life, Career, Workouts, And Diets

 When you’re training in the gym, perhaps waiting for your turn on the bench or squat rack, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a professional bodybuilder? Do you live, eat and breathe training, cardio and enjoy your protein shakes 3-4 times a day? Do you enjoy heavy training and admiring your gains (and physique) in the mirror? Then life as a Pro Bodybuilder may be for you!

Pro Bodybuilders

Except for Arnold Schwarzenegger, few pro bodybuilders grow up knowing that’s what they want to do for a living. Arnold picked up his first barbell at 15 and saw almost immediate results with massive training combined with massive amounts of food. Four short years later, he was entering (and winning) professional bodybuilding competitions and changing how the world saw weightlifting, bodybuilding, and bodybuilders. Arnold used his fame as a bodybuilder to launch a long and profitable career as an actor and politician.

Young Bodybuilders

Unfortunately, fame and fortune elude most young bodybuilders. Training and eventually “going pro” requires a job that pays the bills (including large quantities of protein) while also allowing for two to four hours in the gym and on the treadmill. Many competitive bodybuilders may start their careers as police officers, firefighters, teachers, coaches, or jobs requiring hard physical labor. The “Shadow” Dorian Yates carried bricks for a living as a teenager. Jay Cutler was in construction, Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman was a police officer in Texas.

Challenges of Bodybuilding

But your job or your background don’t determine your success. Motivation, determination, arduous training, and genetics do. For example, Kai Greene, known as “The Predator,” overcame a sad and challenging childhood using that pain and suffering as motivation for his progress toward becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. You can read his inspiring story and details about his approach to life and training here: Kai Greene, the Bodybuilder.

Mindset of Bodybuilders

Many professional bodybuilders are extroverted, intense, and secretive about their training and enjoy spending hours posing in front of the mirror - they crave attention. But this is certainly not a requirement, and Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is an exception to the rule. Jay Cutler is often described as modest, approachable, and straightforward, and willing to sit down and openly discuss and explain his training approach to millions of weightlifting and bodybuilding fans. You can learn more about Jay Cutler and his workouts and diet here: Jay Cutler Bodybuilder.

Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder

Ronnie Coleman started weight training as a linebacker for Grambling State University in his home state of Louisiana. At the age of 25, Ronnie became a police officer in Arlington, Texas, and began training in the police gym. He soon outgrew the facility and moved to a larger gym where he focused on heavy training, low reps and building strength, and added muscle layers. He broke many records and won 26 different titles before his retirement. You can read more about Coleman’s training, diet, and philosophy here: Ronnie Dean Coleman.

What it takes to make the cut

It takes much more than weight lifting or cutting calories to be a professional bodybuilder. You must be highly motivated to reach your goals. Also, you must be persistent and persevere in the face of setbacks or discouragement. Above all, bodybuilding requires hard work combined with savage intensity, determination, and in depth knowledge of food and human anatomy.