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Category: Shoulder Workouts – How to Create the Most Powerful Results

  • How to Work the Shoulders with a Lateral Raise Workout

    Are you looking for an effective shoulder workout? This lateral raise exercise is perfect for strength and size in the shoulders. A lateral raise is a great way to target the shoulders and build strength and size. Also, you can do this exercise with dumbbells, barbells, or cables. What Shoulder Muscles Does the Lateral Raise […]

  • Shoulder Workout – The Best Exercises for Bodybuilding

    What is the best shoulder workout for bodybuilding? When developing an attractive and muscular body, nothing is more vital than large, broad shoulders. The shoulder, a complexed muscular group, comprises three anterior, medial, and posterior heads, providing functionality that other large muscles cannot. The Shoulders are the only large muscle group that supports a ball […]

  • Push Press – Use this Exercise to Work More Than Shoulders

    The push press exercise is an excellent way to lift more significant weight overhead. In addition, it is a great weight training exercise for strengthening the shoulders. The push press is an overhead press variation. It incorporates your lower body to help increase your shoulder training and place your muscles under greater tension. The push […]

  • Iron Cross Exercise – How to Tone the Biceps and Shoulders

    The Iron cross exercise gets its name from a skill in gymnastics that gymnasts perform. They suspend their bodies upright and extend their arms laterally to form a T shape. Also, this movement requires significant strength of the bicep and the shoulder tendon. Some popular modifications of this exercise include the Maltese cross and the […]

  • Dip Exercise – Build the Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

    How do you perform the dip exercise correctly to get the best results? Tricep dips are one of the most popular exercises for improving upper body strength. It is a versatile body conditioning technique that you can perform with gym equipment or in-home comfort at varying intensity levels. This guide looks at the benefits of […]