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Category: Exercise – How to Use Workouts to Create the Body You Want

  • Introduction to Using the TRX Suspension Straps

    Have you heard of TRX suspension straps? They are a great way to get in a good workout and help you to improve your fitness levels. If you have never used the TRX before, here is an introduction to how they work and what you can do with them. Anatomy of the TRX straps The […]

  • Creative Outdoor Workout Activities for Adults

    Creative Outdoor Workout Activities for Adults

    Staying fit can be an issue if you don’t enjoy going to the gym. However, these creative outdoor workout activities for adults will keep you motivated.

  • Warning: Don’t Increase Workout Intensity Before Reading!

    Do you want to know more about how to increase workout intensity correctly? You can and should alter the intensity of your workouts all the time. A key reason people don’t see the results they’re hoping for is that they aren’t increasing the intensity as much as they should. When a workout is no longer […]

  • 5 Low-Impact Exercises for All Age Ranges

    Getting or staying in shape can be challenging with a changing lifestyle. Here is a list of five low-impact exercises for all age ranges to try.

  • Not Stretching Regularly Is a Big Mistake

    Like most people, you probably don’t stretch nearly as much as you should. And that’s a big mistake. Here’s why: When you don’t stretch regularly, your muscles can become tight and shortened. Also, this can lead to many problems, including pain in the lower back, hips, and knees. Plus, tight muscles can make it challenging […]

  • Isometric Home Workout – 7 At-Home Exercises

    How does an Isometric home workout help you reach your goals faster? You have knowingly or unknowingly done isometric exercises before. We mention it at the beginning of the article because prayer is one isometric exercise where you have to press both hands together as hard as possible for a minimum of 10 seconds. You […]

  • Eccentric Exercises: Use Them to Target Muscles and Increase Strength

    Eccentric exercises work for slow muscle contraction exercises which target specific muscles—for instance, leaning down on a chair or getting up in a slow movement. They are great for increasing the time under tension for muscles during bodyweight exercises. Eccentric contractions cause muscles to increase when they handle more tension for a longer time under […]

  • Exercise Ropes – Use to Improve Strength and Mobility Faster

    Are you curious about how exercise ropes can improve your strength and mobility? The exercise ropes or battle ropes are the most common training tools for many fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Exercise ropes provide support to your body and improve your life. If you are confused about battle ropes, this article is for you. What […]

  • Anaerobic Compliments Not Contradicts Aerobic Exercise

    What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? A sigma rule is that you cannot enjoy wealth if you are not in good health. Your real asset is your body, and the best investment for this asset is exercise. There are various types of exercises, and here the discussion is all about aerobic and […]

  • Pull-down Exercise – How to Work Lats and Create that V-Shape

    What is the overhead pull-down exercise? The overhead pull-down exercise strengthens your back and arm muscles, especially the upper back. It also helps to improve your grip strength. You can do this exercise with a cable machine barbell, v-shape bar, or rope, but it’s essential to start slow and learn the correct form. Also, remember […]