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Coronavirus – Institutions Respond to the Virus in the USA

The Center For Disease Control revealed that there are 140,904 cases and 2,405 deaths due to the Coronavirus. Currently, 3 out of 4 Americans are under a stay-at-home order. The United States owns more cases than any other country. The fatality rate for younger people is less than one percent, and senior citizens’ mortality rate is around eight percent.

There are over 800,000 cases and 38,000 deaths around the world. Every virus, from start to finish, creates a bell shape curve. The virus makes the curve as the virus rapidly rises, reaches, and apexes, thus rapidly declining. Most models forecast that the United States is at the start of its bell shape curve. The models support this because the number of cases each day is speeding up.


How the bell shape curve defines the Coronavirus

We base the curve upon the life cycle of the virus. The number of cases under the curve creates the bell shape curve. Subsequently, the curve itself is the total amount of instances each day. There is a correlation between social interaction in a population and the number of recent cases.

Social distancing works to flatten the curve and prevent more new cases. A flatter curve means fewer cases. A flatter curve means fewer cases at one time. The empirical rule states that 99.7% of the cases happen between three standard deviations of the norm.

Things will become worse in the United States before they become better. By examining the graphs above, you can see how the virus works. The chart also reveals what the government must do to flatten the curve and slow the virus down.

Living in Florida under a stay-at-home order because of the Coronavirus has proven to be complicated.

I can only go out for specific reasons, such as shopping for food or purchasing medical supplies. I don’t have a dog to walk. Subsequently, I have exercise equipment, including a treadmill I can use to stay in shape. The most challenging thing for me is keeping myself emotionally grounded. Even if I could get out more, there would be nothing to do. The theaters, clubs, restaurants, theme parks, and gyms are all closed. The city is a ghost town.

The Coronavirus is causing the food chain to weaken.

 There is a shortage of easy-to-cook foods, like sausage and lunch meats. Other items not on the shelves: toilet paper, bleach, and gym equipment. I was fortunate to find toilet paper this week. While in Walmart, an older gentleman told me six toilet paper packages were left in the store.  When I got toilet paper, I got one of the last two packages of toilet paper.

Walmart shelves are starting to empty. There were no eggs on the shelf at Walmart. I had to go to Publix; local Walmart shelves are emptying. There were no eggs on the shelf at Walmart. I had to go to Publix, a local grocery store, to get eggs. Publix had a paltry amount of eggs, and they were rationing them. Most local stores sold out of exercise equipment, and it was impossible to purchase the stuff online. I had no luck when I visited Walmart, Target, Dick’s, and Amazon.

The role the media plays in the control of virus information

 I also notice a deliberate attempt by the media to control the information the public receives. The mainstream media focused on social distancing, while bloggers and social media focused on nutrition. I think they should merge both ideals. It’s best to run and hide from the virus to protect yourself and others. If you get the virus, fight it with a robust immune system and a healthy gut biome.

I purchased more bell peppers and fruit than usual. Eggs are a substantial source of nutrients to promote a healthy immune system. According to the numbers, less than one percent of the population will die from the virus. Most people who die have a compromised immune system because of age, genetics, or medical reasons. You increase your probability of survival by having a healthy immune system and gut biome.

Is the health care system able to handle the virus?

The problem is that this virus is just getting started. The health care system is not prepared to manage it. The Coronavirus exists in an environment with common flu and other emergencies.

If the healthcare system overloads, there will be competition for healthcare services. For example, it will challenge a hospital to provide care for pregnant women, cancer patients, and others needing attention as coronavirus patients overwhelm it.

The Coronavirus, if it gets out of hand, will be responsible for many deaths. So while it is essential to build your immune system, it is more critical to run and hide. You don’t want to help spread the virus. The deaths or illnesses are severe, but our health care system’s failure is equally or more important to society.

A fight between the Coronavirus and people

 One of the most critical fights going on right now is the government against the virus. The government’s role is to protect society. Sometimes the part of the government puts the individual at odds with the government. For example, the government must consider the economy and human life.

Unfortunately, the government will accept some casualties. The government is trying to slow the Coronavirus down to where the health care system can manage it. Once the Coronavirus slows down to where the health care system can handle it, the government will release restrictions.

In the government’s fight with the Coronavirus, death is acceptable on a smaller scale, but death is not acceptable in your battle with the Coronavirus. You are responsible for knowing where the government’s role ends, and your part starts. Comply with the government, stay at home, and protect yourself by eating the right diet and seeking medical care.

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