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Emotions – How to Increase Your Motivation on a Muscle Growth Journey

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During week nine, April 05, 2020, my muscle gain journey was like a roller coaster ride. My emotions were all over the place, and that affected my workouts and muscle gains. I could finally purchase 25-pound weight plates on Amazon. The coronavirus continues to be a significant crisis in the United States. It is challenging to buy any exercise equipment in the stores and online. The gyms and fitness clubs remain closed.

How do emotions affect workouts and muscle gains?

I am fortunate because I have a bench, dumbbells, barbells, and 150 pounds of weight at home, but I need more weights to decrease my workout time. Despite the lack of resources, my biggest problem was how my emotions affect workouts and muscle gained. I skipped shoulders, arms, and traps this week. Subsequently, I also made many bad food choices while shopping and eating my diet. Conversely, I have always been consistent and compliant with workouts and nutrition, but right now, I am under a lot of emotional stress, and it is draining me physically.

Your emotions play a role in everything you do, including your workouts and muscle gained.

My emotions play a significant role in everything I do. Especially achieving fitness goals because emotions affect workouts and muscle gains. It’s hard to build muscle when you don’t feel like working out, and all you want to do is eat. Next week, I must develop a plan to deal with my emotions to stay motivated throughout the week. One thing that is causing problems for me is that I am staying at home. Subsequently, I have little interaction with other people right now. Therefore, my social life plays a significant role in how I feel and look.

The emotional connection to workouts and muscle gains is something that trainers don’t talk about. By the time most people reach out to a personal trainer, something already motivated them. The one thing that can prevent you from achieving your fitness journey is motivation. You need a plan for when you hit a plateau or get bored with your workout.

Almost any workout program can achieve results when you stay consistent and compliant. The variation of workout programs results from trying to keep motivated. Pushups and body squats or some derivative of the two are all you need. But how long can you stay on a single regiment of pushups and body squats before you get bored and eventually move on to something else? Motivation is the reason that emotions affect workouts and muscle gains.

How to use your emotions to make adjustments to your workout routine

Next week I plan to change my workout music list. When I make adjustments, I usually start small so that I don’t run out of ideas. By starting low, I can stretch out the effects of my modifications. Music is a motivator when working out, but emotions affect fitness as well. The right song gives me extra energy and entertains my mind while I am working on my body. Unfortunately, the same workout music over time becomes stale and no longer motivating.

Also, I intend to reach out to a couple of friends via the telephone or FaceTime to increase my human interaction. When I go shopping again, I intend to stay out of the center aisle for my diet. Most of the healthy food is on the edge of the grocery store.

Diet issues are more significant than missing one workout because eating is an anabolic activity. Exercise is a catabolic activity that causes the body to respond to anabolic activities. I continue to adjust my life and fitness because of the coronavirus. Right now, social distancing is more important to me than how my emotions affect my workouts and muscle gains.