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The 2003 study on obesity and overweight found the following facts:

A person dramatically increases their life span as their weight decreases. Forty-year-old overweight female nonsmokers lost 3.3 years of life expectancy. At the same time, 40-year-old obese female nonsmokers lost 7.1 years. In addition, obese female smokers lost 13.3 years of life expectancy compared with normal-weight smokers. Forty-year-old overweight male nonsmokers lost 3.1 years of life expectancy. While 40-year-old obese male nonsmokers lost 5.8 years. In addition, obese male smokers lost 13.7 years compared with normal-weight nonsmokers. The 2003 study concluded that ideal body weight at ages 30 to 49 predicted mortality.

Bodyweight, visceral fat, and metabolism are key to a healthy and long life. Scientific research shows that these three indicators determine how long you live. Most people think you must work out day and night while eating foods you hate to be healthy and fit. This is not true. A few key steps that lead to 30 minutes of exercise and eating better work wonders.


Follow these steps to start or restart your health and fitness journey:

  1. Use the Ideal Weight Calculator to help you discover your perfect body weight
  2. Try the BMR Calculator to help you calculate (Metabolism)
  3. Use the Fitness Plan Calculator to know how long it takes to reach your goal
  4. Read articles on how to improve your health and fitness
  5. Adopt one fitness goal (i.e., walk 30 minutes) and one diet goal (i.e., drink eight glasses of water)
  6. Try new health and fitness goals every six weeks.

A total daily energy expenditure calculator can help you determine the calories you should eat daily to manage your weight. Once you know the calories required to control your weight, use a fitness plan calculator to help determine how long it will take to reach your goal. A calorie deficit or surplus determines if you lose or gain weight. How you create the deficit or surplus is up to you, but exercise and an active lifestyle are the best ways.

Therefore use a BMR calculator to determine your metabolic health and fitness. A healthy metabolism helps you reach your goals faster and is a good indicator of your overall health and fitness. Knowing your metabolism and engaging in healthy behaviors to improve it is the key.


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How Should You Use Fitness Calculators?

We often hear about how many calories we should consume to have an ideal body weight, but few people understand the connection between calories and body weight. Your body burns calories as the fuel that provides the energy you need to live, breathe, and exercise. Sadly, if you eat too many calories, the calories convert to fat. If you’re an athlete or an active person who wants to gain size and muscle, you will not make those gains if you eat too few calories.

You must consume fewer calories than you use when looking to lose weight. Counting calories isn’t necessary if your weight is under control. A healthy metabolism will automatically make up for a day when you eat too much or too little food. Therefore the goal to best manage weight is to improve metabolism through diet and exercise. A combination of fitness calculators that look at the body, diet, and activities will help you to get in the best shape of your life and improve your health. No matter how you slice it, in the end, everything is numbers, and what better way to find those numbers than a calculator?