Home Gyms – The 6 Best that Provide a Complete Workout

The best home gyms provide undeniable benefits that are hard to match. They make working out more possible. Use a home gym to save time and money and create better results.

How do you find the best compact home gym? There are so many on the market. Also, they use different features to attract your attention. Some of the compact home gyms overpromise and underdeliver. When you work hard for your money, you want results. Also, home gyms are big-ticket items. The best home units offer quality fitness and save space at a reasonable cost. Thus, they provide functionality that you can use to take your workout to the next level. Home gyms can rival

Here is a list of the best compact home gyms in order of cost:

bodybuilder dumbbell curl pose chest arms six pack gym

1. Dumbbells

Many people will say dumbbells are not a home gym. But name one thing you can’t do with dumbbells. You can use the floor to replace a bench. For some people, the floor is better because it prevents them from extending too far. A coffee table also works excellent for a one-handed back row. Watch YouTube or read an article on how to perform exercises with dumbbells.

The best thing about dumbbells is that they do not use space and are cheap. On the internet, you can buy a set of 50-pound dumbbells for under $120. Also, you can slide them under your bed when you finish with them. You do not need to assemble them. The best exercises for fitness resemble natural activities. Thus squats, presses, and the farmer’s walk provide a good dumbbell workout.

2. Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym System

The name Weider provides confidence and familiarity. It is one of the oldest companies in the fitness space. The Weider 6900 home gym ranks number #48 on Amazon’s top 100 best sellers in exercise and fitness home units.

This training station comes loaded with six individual workout stations. Thus, you can build your entire body from the comfort of your home gym. Weider comes armed with a 125-weight stack. Also, it features a unique high and low pulley system. This system delivers up to 330 pounds of total resistance. Also, the system provides six workout stations and a multi-use Lat bar. The home gym comes with a combo chest press/chest. It also provides a high and low pulley for a combined 55 exercises. Also, it includes a row plate, 4-roll leg developer adjustable, and preacher pads.

Most important, its dimensions are 43″ W x 82-1/2″ H x 77″ L, which means it takes up 23 square feet in your home. You can buy this home gym for $480.00.

3. Marcy 150 Pound Stack Home Gym | MWM-990

The Marcy home gym combines some of the best features of all the gyms. It uses technology and cables, and it is cost-efficient. People are racing to buy this home gym for a good reason.

The Marcy 150 Pound Stack Home Gym provides dual action press arms. The arms use free motion to allow chest presses and vertical butterfly exercises. Also, the upper pulley targets your core while performing ab crunches. The home gym uses constant resistance by adjusting the selected weight stack. The cable feature allows you to do significant lifts, from curls to squats.

Most important, its dimensions are 36″ W x 79″ H x 68″ L, which means it takes up 18 square feet in your home. You can buy this home gym for $599.99.

bowflex revolution home gym

4. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Like Weider, Bowflex has been around for a while. It was one of the first companies to introduce cable resistance training. Bowflex has the know-how to help you get the most out of your workouts. The Bowflex home gym series ranks number #3 on Amazon’s top 100 best sellers in exercise and fitness home gyms.

This home gym boasts of providing over 100 exercises with 400 variations. Also, it touts delivering 600 pounds of resistance. You can perform leg extensions, back rows, chest presses, and squats with this training station, to name a few activities. Also, it uses Nasa technology to provide resistance without inertia. Bowflex comes with independent moving arms with ten positions and 170-degree adjustments. This gives you a range of motion like free weight.

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym dimension is 112″ L x 38″ W x 73″ H, which means it takes up 30 square feet. This gym costs $2,899.00, but, like the Tonal, they offer financing as low as $162.00.

5. Tonal

Tonal does not invoke the same thoughts as Weider. It is one of the new players in the fitness space. The home gym uses high tech to provide that edge that you need. With this training station, you can do squats, deadlifts, back rows, chest presses, and much more.

Here are 10 of the features it provides:

  • Full body strength-building equipment
  • Intelligent personal training
  • Lift to 200 pounds of digital weights
  • Artificial Intelligence that learns and adjusts workouts
  • Tracks reps, sets, and range of motion,
  • Measures time under tension, power, and volume
  • It shows gains over time.
  • Provides 100 expert-led workout programs
  • Recommends customized fitness programs
  • Social Interaction

The Tonal dimensions are 21.5″ W x 55.9″ L, but this home gym does not use space. The Tonal hangs on your wall. What does this high-tech home gym cost? You can buy it for $2,995.00 But, not to worry, Tonal also offers financing for as low as $149.00.

6. Inspire M3 Home Gym

Next on the list is the Inspire M3 Home Gym, and the name says it all. This training station is one sleek black military-style type of machine.

Inspire uses a quality abdominal crunch station built right into its head pad. Also, it has a seated leg curl station to shape the butt and build the legs. It supports up to 410 pounds of weight for more serious trainees. It uses tensile strength cables and precision ball bearings to give you a good workout. The cables and ball bearings allow you to perform exercises like lunges and squats.

Also, it comes with a dual back pad tilt for superior fit and comfort. M3 is compact enough to fit on a 4’x 6′ mat. The Inspire M3 Home Gym’s dimension is 72″ L x 40″ W x 82″ H, which means it takes up 20 square feet. This gym costs $3,699.00, but, like the Tonal, they offer financing as low as $119.34.

What home gym do fitness trainers recommend?

The best gym depends on your needs. Cost, space, goals, experience, and knowledge are the factors you must consider before buying a home gym. You don’t want to spend money on something you do not use or do not know how to use. You can grow into a gym with time. But if you know your basic needs, then pick out something simple. All the gyms allow you to perform the same exercises. So, what we are talking about is money, space, and compatibility.

The best home gym for an advanced trainee is the Bowflex Revolution. How can you turn down 600 pounds of resistance training? Everyone knows you need volume to build muscle. Thus, 600 pounds allows you to create a lot of volume and muscle.

The Tonal is the best home gym for an intermediate trainee because it gives you a ton of data. It provides you with workouts and your progress. It is better than a fitness trainer—the Tonal shares critical statistics about your workouts with you. Burning stomach fat and building muscles are scientific and mathematical processes. The more you know and use the numbers, the more exact your results are.

The dumbbells are the best for beginning trainees because it is convenient. It’s best to start slow. Thousands of beginners start a fitness journey every year. By the end of the year, half of them have moved on to other things. Also, by starting slow, you are more likely to make fitness a lifestyle. Rome was not built in one day. So, take your time and figure out what you want before you start throwing away your money. A simple pair of dumbbells over a couple of weeks can answer some complex fitness questions.

Finally, you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you reach your fitness goals. The expensive equipment tends to last longer, but the functionality is no different. The six major lifts are the bench press, squat, military press, Lat pull-downs, back row, and deadlift. The best home gyms can let you perform the major lifts. When you buy a home gym, it is about your needs and not the equipment. The equipment will do its job if you do yours. So, the best equipment is the one that meets your budget, emotional, and living space needs.

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