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Fitness is an integral part of life for many people. Bodybuilding has become a popular form of fitness in recent years, with James Flex Lewis and Arnold Schwarzenegger setting examples to follow. This article will show you how to workout like James Flex Lewis bodybuilder.

James Flex Lewis, the bodybuilder, and the eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia  212 Titles winner, is undoubtedly the greatest bodybuilder. ‘The GOAT’ came into this world on November 15, 1983, in Llanelli’s town in Carmarthenshire, under Scorpio’s zodiac sign.

He has won people’s hearts worldwide with his agility and ideal physique. Everyone is keen to know how a 15-year-old Rugby player turned into a 37-year-old, one of the world’s most prolific bodybuilding champions.

He has earned an excellent reputation, undoubtedly because of his hard work and persistence. In addition, Flex is an ambassador of the sport of bodybuilding.

Personal Details

  • Lewis married Ali Lewis 2016, a registered nutritionist, CEO, and co-founder of Benaturali.
  • They have one five-year-old daughter.
  • Although he was born in Wales, Llanelli now lives in Parkland, Florida.
  • James Lewis has one sibling, his brother, Luke.
  • Flex is sensitive about his private life and does not discuss it during interviews.

Nickname ‘FLEX’

Many think he got his nickname ‘FLEX’ from powerlifting or bodybuilding. However, although he does an impeccable job of flexing, bodybuilding is not where he earned his nickname.

Lewis’s earned his most renowned nickname playing rugby. His friends called him ‘FLEX’ because he was flexible on the Rugby field.

He gained flexibility because of great dedication, genetics, and practice. He got this flair in his genes, which he further boosted with meticulousness and an arduous work ethic.

The Driving Force

At twelve, this champion read the book ‘Tom Platz,’ according to him, discovering this book was the driving force that led to his interest in building muscles and playing sports. Then, inspired by his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger as a child, Flex Lewis realized he had enough strength and courage to be a great bodybuilder.

Although his parents did not let him lift heavy weights during his childhood, his craze and eagerness to body build and play sports were enough for him. So when Lewis was alone at home, he took his father’s plastic weights to fulfill his desire.

Flex used his father’s weights despite the prohibition while his parents were away or asleep. As a result, Flex saw his muscles increase, which caused his passion for bodybuilding to grow more intense.

That was the start of his bodybuilding career and a wild start. The GOAT’s robust and muscular body we see today is the cumulative result of Flex’s many efforts since childhood. But, of course, it takes years and even decades to create a professional bodybuilder.

His Early Life

Flex Lewis was fifteen when he became interested in sports. He played rugby in high school. Flex knew he needed to build muscle to play rugby. As a rugby player, Lewis lifted weights regularly. He quickly developed a powerful physique and great strength beyond his years.

Flex let no one or thing get in his way. He never intended to become a bodybuilder, and he initially took part in powerlifting to play rugby and earn a free membership at the gym.

As a result, not only had Flex become a successful rugby player but also a serious weightlifter. He was further encouraged by a local bodybuilder named Steve Naylor. Steve saw great potential in the young Flex Lewis and let him know it.

After paying heed to Naylor’s compliment, Flex worked out with Naylor. In one year, Flex would be ready for his first bodybuilding competition. The Junior Mr. Wales was young Flex Lewis’ first victory.

This competition would put Flex on a path marked for greatness and the stuff of legends. His success continued when he met Pro Neil Hill (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), who persuaded him to start the Y3T training method. Under Hill’s supervision, Lewis followed a strict diet–the core of his success.

After changing his diet, Flex became the winner of the Junior Mr. Britain title, and according to the champion, it was because of his newfound diet.

After that, he took his show on the road and traveled to the U.S., where he started training at Milos Sarcev’s Kolosseum Gym. Flex achieved his dreams and became a world champion caliber bodybuilder with absolute tenacity, persistent arduous work, and determination.

The Championships

Although it took years to dominate the industry, Lewis’ determination and challenging work earned him great fame. He had broken world records with his spellbound performances.

Annihilating his opponents increased his confidence and caused his reputation to grow. It isn’t easy to travel anywhere in bodybuilding and not hear Flex Lewis’s name.

His performance has reached the apex of champions, which even the greatest bodybuilders acknowledge.

Therefore, we say that James Flex Lewis, the bodybuilder, is not only a person’s name but also a well-known brand in the bodybuilding world. Apart from being Mr. Olympia for seven years straight, some of his ground-breaking achievements include:

  1. EFBB Jr. Mr. Wales–2003
  2. Novice Mr. Wales–2003
  3. Nabba Mr. Europe–2004
  4. Britain U90 Division–2006
  5. Europa Pro 212 Division–2008
  6. IBFF British Grand Prix Men’s Pro 212–2012
  7. EVL’s Prague Pro 212–2012
  8. Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding Pro 212–2012
  9. IFBB San Marino Pro–2014
  10.  Arnold Sports Festival – 2014
  11. Olympia IFBB Pro 212–2012-2018

He remained in first place in all these competitions, bedazzling his opponents, judges, and, of course, his fans.

The Secret Ingredient

Lewis always had a firm belief that success comes with self-control and discipline. He was persistent during training sessions, even when tired or not enjoying it. Professional training was not always enjoyable, but he sacrificed himself to achieve his goals and dreams.

Something obstinately bound Flex with his training; he never got comfortable enough to pause his activity, even when faced with traumas or injuries.

Instead of lying on the bed, he went for cardio, arm, or chest workouts when he injured his leg–that was the secret ingredient.

‘I never cheat, I never miss a training session, and I never missed a cardio session during the years,’ says the famous champion, Flex Lewis. Rex always had the training mindset of a Velociraptor.

Protein Diet

Ideal Physique And Diet Plan

Many gym enthusiasts desire to know what helped Flex Lewis win Mr. Olympia for seven years. Acted upon the mantra–You are what you eat–Flex Lewis, with his diligence, followed his diet and strenuous workouts to bring his best out.

Let us look at how he nourished himself before and after his training session.

  • Start the day with two whole eggs, ten egg whites, 3 oz natural yogurt, 2 oz mixed berries, one slice of whole-grain bread with peanut butter, 2 g omega-3 fish oils, vitamin B, and Anavite tablets.
  • The second meal included whole-grain brown rice, 8-9 oz fish, 30 oz greens, and one serving of digestive enzymes.
  • Pre-workout stimulants, including Glycofuse, Vasotropin, Anavite, SuperPump Max, and AminoLast
  •  Half scoop of size on Max to boost his energy level during his workout
  • His post-workout supplements include 45 g Isofusion Whey, Glycofuse, and Size on Max
  • He eats low-fat cheese, peanut butter, steaks, whole eggs, salmon, and greens at the end of the day

Eating a lot is a real-time struggle for bodybuilders, and Flex Lewis managed that struggle well throughout his training session.

Gym Life Workout Compound Exercise

Muscular Body And Workout Routine

James Flex Lewis, the bodybuilder, had followed an uncompromising training program throughout his bodybuilding career. His instructor, Neil Hill, mapped his bodybuilder career out.

His off-season workout routine lasted for 1.5-3 hours each day. Lewis’s body perfectly depicts a strenuous workout combined with an immense diet plan, determination, and persistence toward his goal.

Rules of Training

  • Own Style; Lewis always had his way of training. He does what yields him the best results. Flex never followed traditional rules. Instead, he made his own rules, which suited him best.
  • Persistence is essential; Flex always followed a constant working-out routine with no change, so his muscles grew.
  • Pushers; Lewis always practiced with partners, especially when he needed an extra push in reps.
  • Honing the weak areas, Lewis focused more on his more vulnerable body parts than on the stronger ones.
  • Giant Treads; It did not satisfy him with super or tri-sets, but the giant ones with the maximum momentum.

Height and Weight

These never-ending efforts and promises to his ambition made Flex Lewis achieve the muscular physique of 212 lbs. (104 kg) with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Moreover, during his interview on a TV show, he revealed that his muscular body has the least fat.

Withdrawal from the 2020 Mr. Olympia

Flex Lewis was so excited when he received the invitation from Mr. Olympia in 2020, and he eventually accepted. But unfortunately, because of his injuries, Mr. Olympia Pro 212 must wait for one year.

Lewis found it hard to accept that he would not compete in this year’s Mr. Olympia, Pro 212, but it was not meant to be. He is a champion and believes he will be back next year, improved for Mr. Olympia Pro 212 competition in 2021.

About the Injuries:

From rugby to his bodybuilding career, James Flex Lewis, the bodybuilder, saw many injuries during strenuous workouts, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. Yet, every time he got an injury, he recovered and reappeared in competitions with the same power and strength.

In recent years, his injuries have gotten worse. He suffered a severe shoulder injury recently. The damage made it difficult for him to sleep at night, and he never slept over 2-3 hours when he slept.

However, he never let his pain become an obstacle to his success. Flex did what he needed to win Mr. Olympia Pro 212 titles. According to his recent update, he will work a lot on his knees, shoulders, and elbows and bring mesmerizing tenacity to his overall workout.

His passion and diligence are not even a bit on the decline. That is a real knack he has. He plans to present the most excellent version of himself to the world, which even he has not seen yet.

What Lesson Can You Learn from Flex Lewis

James Flex Lewis, the bodybuilder, has stuck to a single motive throughout his bodybuilding career–his desire to be the best. As a result, he never stopped working hard, even after winning his first championship.

Flex still works with the same tenacity to bring the best out of him for the 2021 Olympia. He remained optimistic, and his mindset made him reach the pinnacle of his career.

The wisest lesson we can take from his life is that you should aim to reach for the moon and land on the stars. Always dream higher, set the highest achievable goals, and put in 100% of your efforts to get the best outcome.

Reaching your fitness goals is a complete commitment that requires a healthy mind, emotions, and body. Flex was a champion on the inside long before Flex became a champion on the outside.

When character and talent meet, then greatness is born. But, unfortunately, it will be long before the bodybuilding world sees anyone as great as James Flex Lewis.

If you want to achieve success in your fitness goals, James Flex Lewis is an outstanding example of how you can do it. He took on the bodybuilding challenge and won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia Pro 212 Titles with hard work and dedication.

Now he shares his knowledge so that others may follow in his footsteps in their excellence. What have been some challenges for you while trying a diet? We’d love to hear from our readers about what they think of this article or questions that might come up! If you or someone you know is considering bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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