Kratom Tea – 5 Tips For The Best Benefits

The chances are that you’ve heard of Kratom tea before. And that you’re wondering why it’s so popular. One reason is that it works like coffee. Approximately 64 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day in the U.S. The rest may not like coffee, but tea. Kratom tea is a common option for coffee for its energy-raising impacts.

More people accept Kratom tea because of its easy preparation and all the nutrients it provides. Perhaps you’re preparing Kratom tea for the first time. This is the post for you. Keep reading to learn more about red maeng da dosage and other Kratom-related details.

More About Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree from the Rubiaceae family like the coffee plant. It flourishes in Southeastern Asia in countries like:

  • Papua New Guinea
  • The Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

Some of its other names are:

  • Kakum
  • Kratum
  • Maeng Da
  • Thang
  • Thom
  • Biak-biak
  • Ketum

Kratom trees develop well in the conditions of tropical areas. They can grow large, up to fifty feet at the prime point. If the surroundings are excellent, a Kratom herb may grow up to eighty feet. In many of the above countries, employees in the fields chewed on Kratom leaves. They were a favorite because they increased the workers’ endurance and strength. The inhabitants also claim that ingesting Kratom leaves assisted with soothing fatigue and heat toleration.

They also used other techniques to consume Kratom leaflets. For example, some ground them and brewed them into tea. Others smoked crushed Kratom blades. Other common ways to consume Kratom today are:

  • Combining it with food – you can add it into foods like applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies.
  • Toss and Wash method – this technique comprises ingesting a spoonful of Kratom powder and then drinking a large glass of water to wash it down instantly.

Health Benefits of Kratom Tea

Scientists believe Kratom may treat conditions such as

  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Its consumers may also use it as an ache reliever like opium. Or to manage opiate withdrawal.

Girl Drinking Tea

Kratom Impacts

Kratom contains over forty active compounds. However, researchers haven’t investigated the main ones as extensively as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) yet.

Its two energetic alkaloid compounds are 7-Hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These compounds cause pain-soothing and refreshing impacts on the sense organs in the brain.

Kratom blades from various areas in Southeast Asia contain different mitragynine levels. In addition, the alkaloid concentration in a leaflet may also vary from how harvesters reaped it. Thus, kratom tea may behave more like an opioid pain reliever, a stimulant, or other based on the dose.

For instance, in tiny doses, Kratom functions more like a stimulant. When you consume dosages between one and five grams, you’ll feel more vigilant. Higher dosages result in impacts nearer to opioid pain relievers, such as codeine or morphine. Consume five to fifteen grams, and you’ll feel euphoric, tired, or calm. Some individuals ingest higher Kratom dosages to handle opioid withdrawal manifestations.

Advantages of Ingesting Kratom Beverage

Individuals consume Kratom tea for different reasons. However, here are some benefits of drinking it:

  • Improve your mood,
  • Help you sleep better
  • Offer relief from severe illnesses
  • Provide pain relief
  • Help you in relaxing better
  • Improve your concentration
  • Give you extra energy

How to Make Kratom Tea from Kratom Powder

Ash is the most popular way to make Kratom beverages. It’ll enable the item to offer overall wellness at its highest level of strength. However, experts recommend you prepare your beverage in single cups to ensure that you’re receiving all of Kratom’s benefits.


  • Eight ounces of water
  • Saucepan with a pouring lip
  • Maple syrup, honey, juice, or sugar (optional)
  • The right amount of Kratom powder
  • Lemon
  • Tiny whisk
  • Coffee filter or strainer

How to Make it

  • Add water into the saucepan and heat until it’s hot but not boiling.
  • Press the lemon fluid into the water. Then, include your Kratom ash.
  • Mix the combination constantly to see that the powder spreads correctly.
  • Permit it to boil gently for fifteen minutes.
  • Put the coffee filter or strainer over your cup and drizzle the Kratom tea mixture. This allows the instrument to gather the rest of the powder.
  • Include the sweetener of your preference, and enjoy your Kratom tea.

Pointers for Preparing Delicious Kratom Tea

Making Kratom tea is simple. But, if it’s your first time, here are some tips to make things easier for you:

1. Mixing Your Beverage

When making Kratom tea with ash, you may have some powder come down in clumps. This can be very unpleasant to ingest. Consider using a whisk to help break up the lumps of ash.

2. Water Temperature

Please ensure that your water is hot but not boiling. The energetic alkaloid compounds in Kratom can hold out against high temperatures. However, you shouldn’t boil Kratom leaves or the powder directly in a pot. Or, pour boiling water over them.

Use water that you’ve boiled and cooled slightly. Alternatively, you could heat the water and add it before it arrives at the boiling point.

3. Sweeteners

If you’re looking to enjoy Kratom’s goodness minus its natural, earthy taste, you can add some sweeteners to improve the flavor. Some common flavorers are lemon, honey, and juice. As you steep your Kratom tea, you can include more exciting flavors, like cinnamon or ginger.

4. Dilution is Optional

Maybe you’ve prepared your tea only to find out that it’s too concentrated. You can weaken it by adding more water as you brew your Kratom tea.

Please note that diluting it will weaken Kratom’s strength. An excellent way to avoid dilution altogether is to start with a small amount of powder and gradually increase if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

5. Acidic Components

Kratom alkaloids contain nitrogen. They’re steady at high temperatures for extended periods. However, it can have a direct impact on its strength. Therefore, including acidic components will help lower the reaction that breaks down the alkaloid compounds. For example, you can include apple cider vinegar or lemon in your Kratom tea.

girl holding a cup tea


Kratom tea is a healthy and enjoyable beverage that’s unique. Therefore, you must take your time while preparing it and follow the suggestions above to the letter so you can enjoy your Kratom tea to the maximum. Remember to be consistent in your consumption. And, begin with a cup a day until your body adjusts to the tea. From there, you can increase your intake if you wish. Also, enjoy your Kratom beverage.

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