Lunchtime Workouts: 4 Ways To Work Out While on Break

Are you looking for lunchtime workouts to make the most of your day? Whether you’re at the office or working from home in your comfiest pajamas, the stresses of work know no bounds. Life can get a bit messy, and fitting in time to exercise before or after hours can send you in for a spiral.

If you’re having trouble squeezing activity into your busy schedule but still want to improve your fitness, here are four lunchtime workouts.

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Walk It Out on the Treadmill

If your office has a fitness facility, it’s time to take advantage of its equipment! Treadmills are tried-and-true tools that jumpstart your heart rate, depending on the intensity.

A 15-minute walk on one of these is enough to improve cardiovascular fitness while strengthening bones, joints, and muscles.

Treadmills are also some of the best exercise equipment for small spaces, given their storage capabilities, so you can get a quick walk-in at home without having to leave your workspace.

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Use a Kettlebell for Full Body Conditioning

Kettlebells are small yet versatile; they help you work on your grip while engaging your forearms. You can use this equipment to get a complete body burn in minutes while improving your balance.

Fortunately, the weights don’t require ample training, so you can complete a workout anytime. Try using a kettlebell during HIIT for a total body burn.

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Work Your Core for 10 Minutes

Core work is at the center of every moment. However, this doesn’t mean you should get out of your chair and hammer as many sit-ups as you can in 30 minutes.

You can perform standing core moves, like cross body chops, high knee lifts, leaning obliques, and squat crunches to help improve core strength and workout various muscle groups simultaneously.

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Regroup and Recover With Stretches

Sometimes, you don’t want to get sweaty during your lunch break and prefer a good stretch to keep your limbs flexible. In this case, consider doing dynamic stretches, like calf raises, torso twists, leg swings, and shoulder rolls, to get the blood circulating without needing much movement. You can also think about using exercise bands to support your stretching and get some light resistance in too. This could help you achieve more toning results.

The Last Word on Lunchtime Workouts

While finding your groove might take some time, these tips provide ways to work out while on break to improve your energy levels. You could boost your energy and mood in a short period, helping you move past the midday slumps.

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