MET Value – 10 Exercises that Burn Fat According to Science

How to use the MET value to find the best exercises to burn fat according to science? This is because MET, or metabolic equivalent, is the energy your body spends during rest.

A MET value with any number will signify how much energy your body consumes relative to the body’s resting metabolic rate. It is the energy rate consumed per unit of time. It is one way of describing the intensity of physical activity.

How to Use the MET Value to Get Better Results?

To have over 1,000 MET value minutes, an individual needs to combine low-affected aerobics and brisk walking with a MET score of 5 and 200 minutes per week. Usually, to get better results, it required 500 to 1000 MET minutes in a week. You might need to get more MET minutes to lose weight.

Instead of utilizing MET minutes and scores, one can also use fitness trackers to measure activity levels. Innovative fitness trackers come with technologies like the global positioning system, sensors, and heart rate monitors.

cordless smart jump rope
cordless smart jump rope

Top 10 Exercises with the Highest Value

1. Running

Running for 14 MPH has a MET value of 23.0.

2. Bicycling

Bicycling takes the slot for the second-highest values: especially vigorous and uphill bicycling gives you a MET value (of 16.0).

3. Ice Skating

Ice dancing provides a value of 14.0.

4. Swimming

The butterfly style of swimming has a value of 13.8.

5. Boxing

Boxing in the ring burns a lot of calories, with a value of 12.8.

6. Rope Skipping

Jumping rope is a vigorous activity with a value equaling 12.3.

rowing machine for met value

7. Canoeing

Rowing competitively at over six mph has a MET value of 12.5

8. Walking (i.e., the farmer’s walk on the treadmill)

Walking uphill while carrying a load of over 74 pounds comes with a value of 12.0.

9. Handball

Most people don’t realize how many calories they burn because of all the fun they have. For example, handball has a value of 12.0.

10. Aerobic Dancing (wearing 10 – 15 pound weights)

Moving around on the dance floor or in Zumba classes can burn many calories, especially if you add a weighted vest or ankle weights. Dancing has a value of 10.0.

bike computer with a calorie counter

How do you calculate calories when you exercise for less than an hour?

Calculating calories is pretty straightforward. Put the values in the formula, and you are ready. This formula calculates the MET value when you exercise for less than an hour.

MET x 3.5 x total body weight (in kilograms) divided by 200 = total calories burned in a minute.

For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds, which approximates 73 kg, you play singles tennis, with a MET value equaling 8. Then, the formula applies 8 x 3.5 x 73 divided by 200, which makes 10.2 calories per minute.

In simple terms, it also means that a tennis workout equates to 480 MET minutes by multiplying the MET value of 8 by 60. MET of an activity = {kcal / (Time of the activity in minutes x bodyweight)} x 60

How to calculate calories when you perform an exercise for an hour?

MET x total body weight (in kilograms) = total calories burned in an hour.

For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds, which approximates 73 kg, you play singles tennis, with a MET value equaling 8. Therefore, this formula applies 8 x 73, which makes 584 calories per hour.

The last word on MET Value and the top 10 exercises that burn fat according to science.

To convert your body weight from pounds to kilograms, divide your body weight by 2.2. Because of body weight, two people can perform the same exercise and get different results.

You should never follow someone else’s workout and expect to get the same result. Even when two people weigh the same thing, they generate different levels of intensity based on mental toughness and genetics.

While a high score is essential, trying exercises you enjoy and stay with is best. Consistency and compliance are more important than intensity in the long run. If you or someone you know is considering weight loss, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about losing weight.

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