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Muscle Speed – How to Create Impressive Fast Twitch Muscles

How do you use a workout to increase your muscle speed? Total fitness includes power, speed, endurance, and flexibility. When you don’t train your muscles completely, it affects your entire body. An athletic body performs at a high level with very few weaknesses. Thus, muscle speed training is in high demand by all the leading fitness experts. But what if you are not an expert? This article will show you how to develop the speed you need to build an athletic body.

The definition of speed-strength

We define muscle speed as the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce the greatest possible impulse in the shortest possible time. Experts define speed as work divided by time, where work is force x distance. We determine muscle speed-strength by how well a person applies force with speed. Experts note that there are two types of speed-strength: starting strength and explosive strength. Athletes use explosive strength to run, jump, hit, and push during competition.

Speed-strength stimulates fast-twitch muscle fibers into action. The ability to turn muscle fibers on and keep them on determines explosiveness. Olympic Style weightlifting such as the snatch and clean and jerk improve explosive strength. Speed strength uses acceleration to set apart from other types of strength and power.

Starting Strength allows you to turn on as many muscle fibers simultaneously as possible. For example, Sprinters use starting strength to run a 100-yard dash. Boxers use it to throw a quick knockout punch.

How muscle speed affects your overall body appearance?

Because speed stimulates and activates quick-twitch muscle, it gives the body a sharp, defined muscular look. The body uses two types of muscle fiber to perform tasks. The two types of muscle fiber your body uses are fast-twitch and slow-twitch fiber. Fast-twitch muscle fibers get recruited to perform heavy workloads that require speed and power. They perform high-intensity, short-duration exercises.

Fast-twitch muscle contracts quickly, yielding an explosive burst of energy. These muscles exhaust quickly. We use them for springing, weightlifting, boxing, and jumping rope. You can quickly damage Fast-twitch muscle as lactic acid buildup occurs. However, fast-twitch muscle is much larger than slow-twitch muscle. Thus people who perform explosive and heavy workload exercises appear more muscular. In short, to look athletic, you must do athletic things like running, jumping, swimming, and moving heavy objects. The more joints and movement involved, the better. This explains why bodybuilders use the squat, deadlift, and military press for the best results.

How to train for muscle speed

To train for muscle speed, you must follow the granddaddy principles of working out. Here is a list of the seven overlapping principles that body systems obey when you workout:

  • Principle of Individual Differences
  • Overcompensation Principle
  • Overload Principle
  • SAID Principle
  • Use/Disuse Principle
  • Specificity Principle
  • GAS Principle

If you want the best results from your workout, you must follow the granddaddy principles.

The Principle of Individual Differences says that while we all have similar responses and adaptations to a workout, our genetics limit the rate and magnitude of these changes.

The Overcompensation Principle states the body will compensate for handling any repeated stress that it faces.

The Overload Principle states that we must progressively increase the amount of work performed for growth to continue.

The SAID Principle says that the body will physically adapt according to whether we are training aerobically or anaerobically.

The Use/Disuse Principle states that the body adapts to current exercise or lack of it.

The Specificity Principle says that we must move from general training to specific and highly specialized training related to our intended goal.

The GAS Principle states that we undergo stress in three stages: shock, compensation, and exhaustion.

When we put all the principles together, they remind us to change up our workout frequently and perform workouts related to our goals if we want to be a faster sprinter.

How to incorporate muscle speed training into a workout

We can build muscle and define muscle at the same time by combining hypertrophy training with speed training.

For example, we can finish the workout with speed pushups and dips on our chest workdays. On leg days, we can wrap up the workout with jump ropes or sprints. Finally, we can hit the bags on arm and shoulder days and go a few rounds of boxing.

Do speed exercises with the maximum amount of speed possible. The goal is to activate fast-twitch muscles and not to burn calories or fat. But, of course, you can always use Cardio and HIIT workouts for that.

Besides your workout, choose a healthy diet, drink lots of water, incorporate healthy habits, and use supplements that can help you reach your goals faster. Also, use the right amount of volume, rest and recovery, and progressive overload to get the best from your workouts. Performance provides a key leading indicator of muscle fitness.

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