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The purpose of a training and coaching is to encourage, instruct, and motivate trainees to succeed on their fitness journey. We definitely need someone to push and motivate us to move forward.

Good training and coaching will meet you where you are and help you to move to the next level. 

With a muscle growth you will need to a progressive overload strategy. As you get bigger and stronger the weight becomes easier to lift, providing less resistance. A good trainer and coach uses your 1 rep max to find a good entry point and them helps you to use progressive overload to continue to move to the next level. With fat loss you will need a calorie deficit strategy. As you get smaller so does your metabolism. Smaller people eat less food. A good coach and trainer will do the math to find a good entry point for your daily calories, expenditures and adjust them to a place where you burn fat.

Also an effective strategy uses scientific methods. While anyone can gain and lose weight not everyone can do it correctly.

A knowledgeable trainer and coach knows how to collect valuable information from you to customize a plan that works best for you. Once you have the blueprint for success you can use it to get the results you are looking for. The right plan takes all the guess work out of getting the best results.

TF Clark Fitness Magazine provides quality training and coaching that adjust to your results and are simple to follow.

You can also use the resources on TF Clark Fitness Magazine to get better results. We provide videos to show you how to use the correct form. In addition, we provide fitness calculators to help you get your calories in line and track your results. Also, we provide articles to increase your knowledge about workouts, diets, health and fitness.

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