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The Greater Goods Kitchen Table Top Scale is the perfect way to ensure your nutrition and meal prep are on point. You can account for every gram, ounce, milliliter, and pound with this ultra-accurate measurement. So whether you’re weighing out your food or coffee, this scale has you covered. Plus, its sleek design will look great on any kitchen table. So why wait? Order your Greater Goods Kitchen Table Top Scale today!

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Why do you need a food scale to reach your health and fitness goals faster? You know what they say, “Calories are King.” It is true the weight you gain or lose is based on calories in and out. But you need to understand that it’s not that simple. Many things affect the number of calories in food and the number of calories you eat. Sure, if you could eat just the calories you wanted, then the process would be simple. But how many times does that happen? If the number on the weight scale is off, the number on the food scale is off.

How Many Times Have You Not Followed Your Diet?

A calorie is not just a calorie because some foods will cause you to eat less while others will cause you to eat more. This is what we call the aftermath effect of calories. We can measure how full a calorie makes you feel by its satiety index. You can also watch your behavior after eating certain foods to see what happens next. For example, if you notice you get hungry or go back for seconds, you should eat less of that food or stop eating it. While you should enjoy your food when you are on a health and fitness journey, food is too big a factor not to take seriously.

The Size of Food Matters

The size of food determines how many calories are in the food. For example, three chicken wings have more calories than one chicken wing. A food scale does a great job of showing you how many calories are in food. You can find the recommended serving sizes of any food by comparing the calories to the size of the food.

When you increase the size of the food, you increase the calories in food. Using a food scale can accurately determine how many calories are in the food you eat. The more accurate you can count your calories, the better your health and fitness results. A food scale not only helps you count calories, but it helps you determine how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats are in food. The size of food determines what is in food. Where do you think the weight of food comes from?

The bottom line on food scales

People serious about their bodybuilding use a food scale to make sure they are doing things that lead to their success. By eating the right amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats, you can reach your health and fitness goals faster. Conversely, when your numbers are off, so will your health and fitness results be off. Thus, you should have two scales in your home. One should measure your weight while the other should measure the weight of your food. It is not surprising that what you see on a food scale determines what you see on the weight scale.


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