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Whether you are into fitness or not, exercise is essential to living a long and healthy life. The problem is that life for many people tends to be stressful and hectic, making it difficult to take the time out for fitness. This is where Charlie Johnson Fitness Online Training came to the rescue.

In addition, proper guidance, review, and tools are of the essence so that you can make the most of your time. I, too, was in the same boat and constantly worried about my increasing weight and lack of physical stamina. Nonetheless, it was challenging to find the time as I had to balance my work with my social life and take care of my family.

Charlie provides you with all the tools necessary to reach your fitness, muscle-building, and fat-loss goals. He offers many programs, such as Charlie’s 12-Month Mastery Program, which he supervises. 

In addition, he provides various resources that can aid you in your fitness journey, such as recommended books and supplements. You can easily access their social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to get insight before getting into it. The program that I went for, in particular, was the 12-Week Shredz program.

About Charlie Johnson – A Real Review

Before we dive into my review and experience, I believe it is necessary to first talk about the man behind my transformation. Charlie Johnson has a story that I relate to as he also had difficulty exercising and looking after his diet. This was until he found his real passion in weight training, where he eventually completed a personal training course.

He has a passion for weight training; you can tell from the programs he has helped design. He believes that exercise does not have to be a grueling process as it can prevent people from achieving their fitness goals. He also focuses on a balanced approach to nutrition, ensuring you do not get bored with a restrictive diet. He is highly qualified and has appeared in notable publications, such as Forbes.

What is the Charlie Johnson 12-Week Shred program?

The 12-Week Shred program provides you with all the tools you need to fulfill your fat loss and weight-building goals. This includes personalized plans, exercises, video guides, healthy and delicious recipes, grocery lists, and coach feedback. All these tools will be available on a convenient app integrated into your diet and training plan.

In a nutshell, you are getting the following:

  • Personalized fat loss diet plan with macros and calories
  • Personalized feedback from coaches and bi-weekly check-ins
  • Customized training and cardio plans are available on the app
  • Biweekly adjustments to diet and exercise based on progress and feedback
  • Workouts tailored to the gym, home, and any other environment
  • Video exercise tips from experts on things like tempo and form. You can also subscribe to their Youtube handle for free insights, lessons, and more.
  • Grocery lists tailored around your meal plans to help you save time
  • Progress log that allows you to add your workouts, progress photos, and measurements
  • Food log that can help you record various types of foods
  • Support is provided through feedback, answered questions and direct messaging, and other options

How much does the Charlie Johnson Online 12-Week Shred program cost?

You can access the 12-Week Shred program for only £1200, or around $1500. This is an incredible value considering that you pay for personalized coaching and training for three months.

You also obtain feedback from the leading man, Charlie Johnson, who is an expert in achieving that shredded look. You also receive many resources on the app, which you can access through your mobile and desktop.

My experience with the program

Their fitness program is compelling enough that I regularly check out healthy versions of my favorite recipes, as I can keep a healthy diet while still enjoying my favorite food. In addition, the vast number of available exercise techniques made it incredibly easy for me to burn carbs with cardio and build muscle with weight training. One can also use any accurate fitness calculator to track your weight-loss performance regularly.

The app was convenient. I could exercise during breaks at my office, enabling me to be on track even on busy days. I acknowledge that not everyone will be able to do so, as the office environment tends to vary. But rest assured. You will be able to continue training regardless of your circumstances.

The vast plethora of resources available to me ensured that I had no doubts while gaining knowledge about weight training. As a result, I dropped my weight from 95 kg to 82kg while replacing so much fat with muscle.

I had an exceptionally remarkable experience with the one-to-one coaching provided to me through the app. My coach was a part of Charlie Johnson’s coaching team, which provided me with feedback, reviews, and guidance backed by experience and science.

They helped me train precisely like how a professional bodybuilder would. In addition, if I was having difficulty with exercises, my coach was there to advise me about how I should correct my technique alongside tips that led to better results.

If I were having difficulty with my diet, my coach would recommend dishes that were more suited to the preferences that still allowed me to reach my goals.

My experience with the Charlie Johnson online coaching app


The Charlie Johnson coaching app provides you with incredible features that allow you to have a personalized experience. I accessed the app after receiving a questionnaire in my email, which I emailed back to I was given a link to download and log into the app to access the plethora of training and diet resources. 

Once I registered my application, I was contacted by a CJ coach, and I was able to tell them about my fitness goals and additional info. My primary motivation was to have the proper beach body for my summer vacation.

charlie johnson fitness app

Tailor-Made Program Composition

Once my coach understood my goals and where I stood in terms of fitness, he prepared a tailor-made program for me.

This included a training and diet schedule they designed according to my real-life plan, including my vacations and work days.

A few times, something like a work emergency would come up, and my coach was happy to amend my schedule. In addition, I could do so myself with the flick of my finger on my screen.

Easy-to-use layout

Another thing that impressed me with the app was the incredibly modern yet simplistic layout. This made my experience pleasant as I was able to navigate through the app with ease to access everything that I needed to. In addition, all the videos, recipes, exercises, etc., were arranged in an easy-to-grasp manner. 

I could even update my metrics and log my activity easily. Unfortunately, I ran into trouble with the app a few times, but the support team was always there to assist me promptly with any issues.

charlie johnson fitness app

Progression and Measurement Features

The Charlie Johnson Fitness app provides various features measuring your exercise and diet progress. For example, you can add the activities and food you eat, and the app will calculate your fat loss and calorie intake. This made it easier for me to focus on my training while being able to focus on other responsibilities in my life.

Final Review – Is Charlie Johnson Fitness Online Training worth it?

Yes, I had a great experience with Charlie Johnson Fitness and the 12-week Shred program I opted for. I lost a lot of weight and gained muscle, with my final weight being 82kgs after an initial 95kg. The program offers the tools to reach your muscle gain and weight loss goals, regardless of age, sex, preferences, and schedule. 

You read my review, I started as a beginner struggling with basic exercises, and now I can safely say that I can handle myself in a gym with even the experts. In addition, I could eat my favorite foods prepared in healthy ways and never worry about running out of recipes to try.

The coaches I was assigned were helpful at every step, ensuring that I did not have to worry or stress out if I felt I wasn’t doing enough. In addition, the planning features of the app ensure that you always feel in control of your schedule while seeing your gradual progress. 

All in all, you get fantastic value if you work with Charlie Johnson Fitness. You won’t be disappointed. If you love bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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