Shoulder Day Workout – Get Ready for the Best Results!

Are you looking for a shoulder day workout that gets results? Try some of the best shoulder exercises to build impressive shoulders that turn heads. Shoulder day is the perfect workout to help build and tone your shoulders. The shoulders are used in almost every resistance training exercise; therefore, they do not need to be overworked during a shoulder day workout.

Try These Three Exercises to Take Your Shoulder Day Workout to the Next Level

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weight lifter, this workout has something that can benefit everyone. Because the shoulders are worked in almost all other exercises, a shoulder workout is meant to fill in the gaps during other workouts. Therefore the anterior deltoid of the shoulder, which is worked on during chest day workouts during the bench press, does not require as much work as the lateral or posterior deltoid of the shoulder. Let’s get started!

Military Presses

The military press works the lateral deltoid sandwiched between the anterior and posterior deltoids, which is included in most shoulder day workouts. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands gripping the barbell just outside of shoulder width. When ready, press the barbell overhead in an arc until your arms are fully extended. Then, lower the barbell back to shoulder height in a controlled motion without letting it rest on your chest between reps.

Lateral Raises

The lateral raises work the lateral deltoid and is a much-needed shoulder day workout exercise. Grab two dumbbells and stand with one foot slightly ahead of the other for balance. Then, with palms facing down and arms straight but not locked, raise both weights to your sides until they reach shoulder height. Hold one second at the top before slowly lowering them back down again.

Rear Delt Flyes

The rear delt flyes work the posterior deltoids. Start by lying face-down on a bench with two dumbbells in hand and arms straight but not locked. Then, keeping elbows slightly bent, lift both weights toward the ceiling until they meet at the top, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Slowly return the weights to starting position and repeat this movement until you have completed all your reps.

Selecting a Workout Program for a Shoulder Day Workout

Besides the exercises selected in a workout, the type of workout program, volume, progressive overload, and periodization plan must be implemented. Because the shoulders are worked in most other exercises, you select a workout that doesn’t allow you to overdo it. The best training for this is a 5×5, split-day, or push/pull workout.

If you choose a 5 x 5 workout program, the reps and sets are determined (five reps of five sets). Then, use a rest time of 1 – 2 minutes. Also, use progressive overload to increase the weight as you become stronger. In addition, try a periodization plan to build strength, muscle, and definition. By selecting the right exercises and using a workout plan that your body responds to, you can use science to get the desired results.

Final Thoughts on a Shoulder Day Workout

After completing these exercises, do some dynamic stretches, such as arm circles or lateral arm swings, to cool down properly before ending your workout session!

Shoulder day is arguably one of the best workouts you can do when it comes to building solid shoulders; however, it should be done carefully with proper form so as not to risk any injuries from lifting too much weight too soon or using a lousy technique.

If used correctly, however, these exercises will help you achieve more extensive, muscular shoulders in no time! Good luck!

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