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Tag: Agility

  • Olympic Weight Lifts – Use for a Competitive Edge In the Gym

    The Olympic weight lifts are the most complex and oldest. But, there is a reason they have withstood the test of time. Two words come to mind: EXPLOSIVE POWER. The motions require you to perform complex moves and a great deal of athleticism to complete. So if you want to look athletic with more explosiveness […]

  • In and out exercise – A Great Bodyweight Activity that Works the Core

    In and out exercise is a great bodyweight activity that works on your abdominal muscles, quads, and hip flexors. It is excellent for challenging your physical endurance. This is the best regimen you can follow if you are looking for a way to target your core, including your ab muscles. It does not require any […]

  • Crab Walk Exercise – This Move Improves Overall Strength

    Crab walk is a super-intense, core, and full-body exercise in which your weight is the resistance. As a result, you will get to burn fat and tone the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, hamstrings, and quadrilateral muscles of your body. You may feel a little awkward when you first try this movement. Also, this is because […]

  • Exercise – Simple Ways for Seniors to Get Fit

    Are you a senior looking for a simple exercise that you can do to improve your life? We are sure you know that exercise is a great way to improve your health and vitality. But what if you’re over 60 years old? You might think it’s too late, but there are easy ways seniors can […]

  • Exercise Ball Workout – For Balance and Core Stability

    How do you improve your fitness with an exercise ball? The physio, fit, or gym ball is one of the oldest and simplest types of training equipment that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly workout. It has been part of regular fitness routines, physiotherapy in rehabilitation, spinal health, and lumbar strength support. To […]