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  • Why It’s Important To Wear Shoes Specific to the Sport

    Why It’s Important To Wear Shoes Specific to the Sport

    Learn why it’s so important to wear shoes specific to the sport so you can remain safe and healthy, no matter what sport you participate in.

  • Muscle Fatigue – How to Blast Through Muscle Failure

    Do you want to know how to blast through muscle fatigue? Suppose you’ve been working out for any amount of time. In that case, you’re probably well acquainted with fatigue, that sensation of your muscles being “done,” “cooked,” and “toast.” The “, please have mercy before the weight permanently traps me under it” or “you […]

  • Durable – Why Running Backs Don’t Last Long in the NFL

    Durable running backs are a dying breed in the NFL. Every year, we see one of the top running backs get injured and never return to form, or they get released from their team because of an injury. Also, this is due to them being hit many times during a season. We define durability as […]

  • Cardio Exercises – The Top 5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

    What are the five best cardio exercises to help you burn stomach fat? If you’re looking to burn fat fast, then you need a proper power workout to shed those excess pounds. There are several great cardio exercises to burn fat, from extreme cardio, such as boxing and HIIT training, to low-impact options like the […]

  • Exercise Bike – A List of the Top 10 to Reach Cardio Goals

    It is not an exaggeration to say that an exercise bike is a brilliant investment to improve your fitness and health. Plenty of different sizes and shapes of exercise bikes are available at the four corners of the world, but how can someone decide which one works best for them? We’re here to help you […]

  • Breathing Exercises- How to Breathe During Exercise and Child Birth

    How do you perform breathing exercises to improve physical performance? Breathing is inevitable in life. This unconscious exchange of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide takes place for life, so breathe correctly to make life worthwhile. In this article, you will come across some basic information about the natural breathing process and plenty of breathing exercises you can […]

  • Physical Fitness – What To Know To Get In The Best Shape

    What is physical fitness? Being in shape is essential for people of all ages, be it children, adolescents, adults, or even older adults. To be in condition, you need regular physical activity. This will help to promote good health and improve the quality of your life. So, if you are wondering what physical fitness is? […]

  • Certified Fitness Trainer – Why Do You Need One Near You?

    You need a certified fitness trainer near you because certified trainers offer many benefits. First, they offer a convenient way to reach your health and fitness goals. Second, when hiring any personal trainer, verify that the trainer has earned a certification from a nationally accredited institution and carries liability insurance. Taking the time to verify […]

  • 5 Biggest Reasons For Not Losing Weight Despite Working Out!

    What are the reasons you are not losing weight despite your workout? You’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now and thought you had finally discovered the proper workout. So you got all your equipment ready and showed up every day. However, it seems you’re doing nothing whenever you check your progress. There’s […]

  • TF Clark Fitness Magazine – Use Site to Reach Health Goals

    What is TF Clark Fitness Magazine? TF Clark Fitness Magazine is owned by Terry Clark, a math professor and a professional fitness trainer. His magazine and publication aim to provide the readers with recommendations and relevant advice with ultimate effort/desire. It makes the fitness or weight loss journey more enjoyable, result-oriented, and exciting. Every workout […]