Gym Time

How much time should I spend in the gym to live a healthy lifestyle? This is one of the most often asked questions everywhere. Gym time is essential to health and fitness, so everyone wants to get it right. As with everything, there are multiple ‘correct’ ways! We’re looking to determine how much time you need to spend in an average week at the gym.

Based on research, if you work full-time and spend around 5 hours a week at the gym, it’s no surprise that you do not see results. To get an impressive body and stay fit, spend between 20-50+ hours per week in the gym! Of course, you can compensate for the lack of gym time with a better diet. You build a fantastic body in the kitchen, not the gym. The excellent gym time debate: gym vs. home workout? We always get asked about gym vs. home workouts: which is better to stay fit and healthy? Well, it boils down to your goals. The gym is best if you want to get big and bulky and look like the hulk with massive muscles.

If you don’t want to go to the gym, do a home workout. It’s better than nothing. However, the gym offers a lot of distractions and things to do, so you might not workout as hard or discipline yourself as well as you would at home. There are pros and cons to the gym and home workouts. The most important thing about any training is consistency and compliance. Therefore, whatever motivates you to exercise is the best option for you. It comes down to your personality, budget, and lifestyle.