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This tag provides articles on portion control. The effectiveness of any diet comes down to the calories and serving size of foods. Most people carefully consider the calories but do not realize you can’t count calories correctly without using the correct serving size. Calories are clearly king but portion control matters. In fact you can use the serving size to reduce the amount of calories in food.

TF Clark Fitness provides guidance on how to take the best approach when it comes down to serving size.

Some manufactures using serving size to manipulate the calories in food. Condiments to pack a lot of calories into a small serving size knowing full well that most people will eat more than the recommended serving size. By addressing the serving size along with the calories you can see the true affect of food on your diet.

TF Clark Fitness Magazine aims to show you how to best use calories and serving size together to get the best health and fitness results.

There are many approaches you can take to eating the right amount of food to reach your health and fitness goals. You can use the hand, plate, or measurement approach to control the amount of food you eat. We also discuss how the macronutrients affect the serving sizes of food. Finally TF Clark Fitness Magazine takes a holistic approach to using serving size along with calories, nutrients, and satiety to help you get the best results from the food you eat.