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Progressive overload causes muscle growth. We incorporate it into a workout to push the body to perform at a higher level. Progressive overload happens when you increase the weight, reps, or sets. The body can adapt to any workout. Once the body adapts, then it no longer changes.

Perform the following steps to use progressive overload:

First, increase the weight by 5 pounds once you master the reps and sets of an exercise. The increase should cause you not to complete all the reps of the exercise in your workout. Second, work back up to where you can complete all the reps and sets of the extra weight. Third, once you master the reps and sets of the extra weight, increase the weight by 5 pounds. Continue this process until you reach a plateau.

Always use sleep, rest, and your diet to aid in your progress plan. Occasionally you will need to de-load around 20% not to overwork your body. If you apply this technique correctly, you will see tremendous results.