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Many weight loss journeys may be, in fact, easy; they may also cause weight gain or weight fluctuation. Conversely, a journey can be arduous depending on the person’s weight, the duration of their journey, and weight management strategy, which varies from one individual to another.

What makes weight loss difficult?

A fat loss journey may be difficult when strategies are not well-thought-out. A journey becomes more manageable if you plan it out based on your goals, history, and expectations. However, a fitness journey is almost always challenging because of the time to complete it.

How does weight fluctuation affect your outcomes?

Weight fluctuation occurs with a weight loss, except for specific cases, such as surgical treatments and certain medications. Thus, weight gain happens during a fat loss journey. The fluctuations cause the gains and losses to occur together. To deal with such volatility, you need a weight management strategy that includes natural activities, exercise, diet, and goals.

Goals, behaviors, history, expectations, and results will drive your level of satisfaction. A fitness journey may become problematic when expectations do not line up with results. Also, you can quickly re-gain weight if you do not plan your weight loss journey correctly. You need to gain knowledge and set reasonable expectations to stay motivated during your journey. It’s better to outperform than to underperform expectations. Do not underestimate the power of motivation when completing a fitness journey.