The Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Your Body

Are you curious about the best medicine ball exercises for your body? Exercise typically involves a plethora of equipment that strengthens the various parts of our bodies. For example, with medicine balls, there are numerous ways to enhance the whole body with a mixture of strength and endurance exercises. In addition, specific exercises give the best results and allow for more challenging routines as you progress.

Medicine Ball Pushup Exercises for Your Body

Rolling Push-Ups

This exercise involves an alternating form of the regular push-up that utilizes the medicine ball’s versatility. First, get into a standard push-up position and place one hand on the floor and, with the other hand, balance on top of the medicine ball.

Perform one push-up, then roll the medicine ball over to the opposite hand. The constant shift of different muscles will strengthen your back and chest as you roll the ball back and forth, making this one of the best medicine ball exercises for your body.

Tricep Extensions

Like a regular overhead tricep extension with a dumbbell, this version uses a medicine ball. However, the grip is slightly different as you palm the ball with both hands as you perform the exercise. The extra precision needed to grip the ball will give your triceps a terrific workout.

The Russian Twist

Russian Twists

The Russian twist exercise focuses on your obliques and will work the muscles in your arms. Sitting in an upward sit-up position, take the medicine ball and hold it to your chest.

Moving only your upper torso, move the ball from left to right repeatedly and tap the ball on the floor as you alternate. This exercise is a great endurance exercise. As a classic medicine ball workout, this is one of the best medicine ball exercises for your body that will deliver a lot of the same effects as a full-body workout.

Weighted Sit-Ups

This workout will strengthen your core muscles. Perform a regular sit-up but balance the medicine ball on top of your chest. The added weight will create resistance that will work your body harder.

Medicine Ball Squat Exercises

Overhead Squat

Given the medicine ball’s weight, it is an excellent substitute for a dumbbell or barbell. Overhead squats are regular squats that involve holding the ball over your head as you squat.

The extra weight will make pushing up difficult and strengthen your quads faster than regular squats. Also, try not to balance the ball on your head to decrease the risk of injury. Instead, elevate the ball above your head, which will challenge your arms in this type of squat—a bonus.

Bicep Curls

This exercise is pretty straightforward since it’s a simple bicep curl, but you use a medicine ball in one hand instead of a dumbbell. Like the tricep extension, you’ll need to use more of your finger strength to balance the ball in one hand, which will increase the necessary effort and overall results.

Medicine Ball leg lift Exercises

The Last Word on the Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Your Body

Medicine balls offer many ways to exercise with improved versions of traditional workouts as well as new workouts. The benefits of this simple piece of equipment are numerous, and with your efforts, you will benefit as well.

What do you think? Please share your response in the comment section below so that others can benefit from your experience.

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