The Health Benefits of Kayaking in the Summer

Are you curious about the health benefits of kayaking? As you seek to fill your summer weekends with outdoor adventures, getaways, and activities, there are several activities you can enjoy for their health advantages.

Kayaking is an excellent activity that offers health benefits and breathtaking landscapes and views. Here are some benefits to consider the next time you pack up for the lake.


Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is a natural part of any physical activity you take part in. But combining physical activity with the tranquility of nature can increase the release of endorphins and bring you back to your center. Cast your worries into each oar and push them past you as you glide across calm waters. Consider kayaking near sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the stillness of the water.

Improved Muscle Development

You are not using your entire body to move the kayak along. But you are, however, using your arms, chest, and back to guide you. Kayaking is a great, low-impact activity for an upper-body workout, and it works with low resistance and high rep intervals. This unique combination can improve these muscle groups’ overall development and strength.

Mood Enhancement

Simply taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature can enhance your overall mood. So, consider tackling a kayaking trip if you feel you’re running thin. Slowing down is one of the most significant ways to reduce feelings of anxiety. If you don’t have access to a good kayaking spot but have the time to take a few days away, book a getaway to somewhere like North Georgia and plan on kayaking to enhance your mood.

Cardiac Well-Being

Getting sun and aerobic activity can only improve your cardiac health. Besides the stress reduction and mood-boosting effects, performing low-risk physical activities can reduce blood pressure and help you replenish. For example, a single kayak trip may not change your heart health but could catalyze improvements.

Calorie Burner

Kayaking typically requires some existing strength and additional applied strength. With all the muscle groups working together, you can count on burning a few calories. It would not be beneficial to say that you’ll burn hundreds of calories, but you will burn enough to feel accomplished. Depending on the length of your journey and how hard you have to row, you may skip additional workouts.

The Last Word on the Health Benefits of Kayaking in the Summer

Those with experience in kayaking in the summer know how refreshing and enjoyable it can be. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to try something different, boost your mood, and escape the daily hustle from the various health benefits of outdoor elements.

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