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Rear Delts – The Top 10 Exercises to Get Ripped

Broad, muscular shoulders are the defining characteristic of a powerful physique. The rear delts muscle, in particular, provides a support system to your back and shoulders. Rear delt exercises are, therefore, crucial for improving your posture. They’ll allow you to build muscle mass on the posterior of your shoulders, and you’ll develop nicely defined delts and back muscles.

The most common exercises are the rear delt fly, which you can do with a rear delt fly machine, dumbbells, or variations on the shoulder extension. There are many more rear delt exercises; however, that will get your shoulders perfectly balanced. In addition, it’s essential to encourage muscle growth on your delts as they have many postural benefits and act as a dynamic stabilizer for the upper body. Here are the top ten exercises you need to incorporate into your workout if you want to get your rear delts ripped.

Rear Delt Fly

The rear delt fly is a classic exercise to strengthen the backs of your shoulders. You can do this exercise using a rear delt fly machine or dumbbells. Using a rear delt fly machine is pretty self-explanatory. With dumbbells, the exercise is also quite simple. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge forward, keeping your back flat and abs engaged. Start with your arms hanging down and reach them up to shoulder height, and lower them back down. Keep weights relatively low for this exercise.

Inverted Row

Another one of the most common rear delt exercises is the inverted row. For this one, you’ll need a bar in a rack for your home gym, or you can do it at your local sports center. First, lie down under the bar with the bar at your waist. Then, with your shoulders directly below your hands, grip the bar and hang your body with your arms extended. You can then use a pull-up type action to strengthen your rear deltoids.

Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

The bent-over forward position is typical for shoulder extension exercises. These dumbbell rows are convenient to do at home or in the gym. Choose the dumbbell weight according to your preference, but keep it relatively low to protect your back. Next, lean your body forward in a standing position, engaging your core. Let your arms hang down, similar to a rear delt fly, then lift the weights to your side, but bending your arms at the elbow this time.

Arnold Press

If you want to build muscle mass to rival Arnie himself, you could try the exercise named after him, the Arnold press. Standing with your shoulders hip-distance apart, holding the dumbbells at shoulder height. Choose a lower weight as this will enhance safety and control as you lift upwards. Bring your elbows out to the side and extend your arms up over your head. This is one rep. You could start with ten to fifteen reps, with a minute’s rest between sets, then increase weight gradually if you prefer.

Y-T-I Raises

Y-T-I raises are popular rear delta exercises. They get their name from the shapes you make with your body during the workout. You can do this in a variety of ways. If you have home gym equipment, you could try using a stability ball and dumbbells. Lying face-down on the stability ball with your feet securing you to ensure safety and performance, lift the weights behind your back to touch and forward. Your arms should make a Y, T, then I shape.

Stability Ball Cobra

If you like using a stability ball, there’s another great exercise you can try to develop muscle growth in your rear deltoids. Lie down forwards and rest your body weight on the stability ball. Keep your legs extended and toes flexed for support. Stretch both arms behind you and pull your chest up and forward. If you’re a fan of yoga, this is the same as the cobra position, but with the addition of a stability ball. Again, you don’t need weights for this exercise.

Rear Delt Pull

The rear delt pull, or face pull, you can do using a band or specially designed resistance machine. If you’re using a band, ensure it’s adequately secured with the anchor point just above your head. Next, stand up straight, grab the band, and pull it towards your nose, and then extend your arms until you feel the tension in the band. Repeat this exercise in ten to fifteen reps at a time. Again, if you’re using a machine at the gym, you can increase or decrease the resistance to suit your preferences.

Upright Row

If you want to get your delts ripped, another great exercise is the upright row. It’s also easy and convenient to do at home or in the gym. Grab a set of medium-sized dumbbells. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms, face your knuckles forwards, and the weights up to your chest, and back down again. You can do as many sets as you like and increase the weight after a time if you prefer.

Dumbbell Shoulder Extension

The dumbbell shoulder extension is a classic move to help build muscle mass. One of the best postures to do this in is kneeling on all fours. Work each arm individually, similar to tricep kickbacks. Follow the standard tricep kickback procedure, bending your arm at the elbow and lifting the weight, but when you get to the top, reach your arm up to the ceiling. This will give your deltoids a workout as well.

Cable High Pulley Lateral Extension

The cable high pulley lateral extension is perfect for shoulder muscle growth, and you can do it in the gym if it has the right equipment. This exercise, also affectionately known as “the Wolverine,” involves grabbing opposite pulleys with opposite arms and pulling them down towards your hips.

Thus, these are some of the best exercises to build muscle mass on your rear delts. If you’d like further fitness tips and advice, check out the blog.

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