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Top Technologies To Optimize Your Gym Experience

Are you curious about the top technologies to optimize your gym experience? Unfortunately, 14% of the US population has a gym membership. Thus, this shocking statistic shows just how much America needs to shift its focus to health, fitness, and wellness.

What are some of the primary factors that prevent US citizens from joining their local gym?

19% of respondents in a survey performed by the New York Post stated that one of the main reasons they didn’t visit the gym was an inconvenience. So what can gym owners do to make the gym experience more convenient for users? Keep reading for the top technologies to enhance your gym experience.

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Top Technologies To Enhance Your Gym Experience

Suppose you want to craft the perfect user experience at your gym, increasing the convenience and accessibility of your gym. In that case, you need to check out these top technologies to optimize your gym experience and encourage exercise.

Video Surveillance

When people visit your gym, they need to know that the belongings they bring with them are safe. Video surveillance can help you to deter many of the crimes that frequently occur at gyms, including:

  • Theft – if users know they are being watched, this will deter them from taking the belongings of other members.
  • Unauthorized entry – if users are sneaking into your gym and using the amenities for free without a membership, this could cause losses for your business.
  • Incidents – although gyms are usually safe spaces, you will need to ensure you can provide evidence if a crime, injury, or fatality does occur on the property.

Video surveillance is both a deterrent to crime and a way for businesses to provide evidence for an investigation. It is a crucial staple for any security system, and security is necessary to keep your customers safe when working out.

Remote Scheduling

It can be highly inconvenient for gym users when their gym is complete, and they must wait long periods to access the equipment they need.

With remote scheduling, gym-goers can reserve their entry time, ensuring equipment is available when visiting the gym. You may also use management software to limit how many users are in the gym. With remote scheduling, your gym users will likely stay for a post-workout drink or snack in your on-site cafe, increasing your profit margins.

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Mobile Access Control

There are many types of access control for gyms to implement to ensure access is restricted to unauthorized users. For example, gyms might use key cards, fobs, and pin pads to secure the building, or they may employ a receptionist.

However, with these entry methods comes the potential for traffic into the building to back up. If users that are entering struggle to find their key or forget their passcode, they will cause a queue to form. Also, this can make other users disgruntled, as they may have other things to attend to throughout the day.

With many options for keyless door entries at your gym, you can offer the optimal user experience. Users can enter using only their phone – meaning they won’t miss out on their workout if they forget their key card or fob.

The mobile credentials for door entry use cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi communication to ensure first-time entry into the building. In addition, the sophisticated communication method eliminates the need for users to present their mobile devices directly in front of the reader. Instead, they can open the gym door with simply a wave of their hand while their mobile device is in their bags or pockets.

With the added convenience of mobile access control comes swifter entry into the gym and fewer queues, and users will not be locked out of the gym when they forget a keycard or fob.

Automated Wellness Verification

Your gym can integrate wellness verification software with your building’s access control system to ensure that your gym users are not exposed to the spread of germs. Before users can enter the building, they must complete a digital survey based on their symptoms. If the user is symptomatic, they will not gain access to the building, and the system will suggest that they take a coronavirus test. With this software, you can ensure your gym is germ-free and prove that your service places customers’ health and safety as a top priority.

The Last Word on the Top Technologies to Optimize Your Gym Experience

To make your gym successful, you’ll have to make your gym more appealing and convenient for users. To make your gym more convenient for users, you must invest in a seamless security system that secures your building while making entry efficient and straightforward.

Remote scheduling can help your customers access all the gym equipment they need without becoming frustrated due to business. Keep these top technologies in mind when planning your gym experience; you’re bound to attract more users.

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