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Fitness Videos


Fitness Trainer Videos

Can’t make it to the gym? Or there is no gym available, or you can’t afford a membership or a personal trainer. There are options to help you burn fat, build muscle, and get in better shape! Fitness Trainer Videos are an online training option you can use anytime and anyplace. Imagine losing weight and body fat (or gaining lean muscle mass) without having to sit in annoying traffic or squeeze tightly into a crowded gym. Will you miss sharing sweat and grunts with other gym members? No, of course not.

Are You New to Diet and Fitness?

Sometimes trying something new seems like too much effort, and we give up before we even begin. This is especially true with dieting and exercise. Fitness Trainer Videos provide step by step video instruction for all levels from rank beginner to intermediate and advanced trainees. If you miss a step or need to review a movement or information, simply stop the video and rewind. Training videos can help you overcome the fear and potential embarrassment of being a complete flop in the privacy of your own home.

Tips for Success

Once you decide to get fit, lose weight or build muscle, make a commitment, and set your diet and fitness goals. Set aside space in your home for your new home “gym” or exercise area and make a schedule of when you will train and stick to it. Explore the available videos and find those that will help you reach your goals.

Fitness Trainer Video Subjects

Our Fitness Trainer Videos can help you burn fat, build muscle, and get in better shape when you can’t afford or don’t have access to a trainer. Examples of subjects and topics include:

Fat Loss

  • The Best Food for You to Build Your Diet Around!
  • The 3 Best Things You Can Do to Burn Stomach Fat!
  • Fat Loss – Three Diets Guaranteed to Cause Fat Loss

Muscle Gains

  • Use Squats to Build Massive Legs
  • How to Create a Workout Program to Build Muscle
  • Use Protein to Build Massive Muscle

Healthy Living

  • The 3 Best Ways You Can Start A Fitness Journey!
  • Healthy Living – Get Motivated
  • The 5 Best Things You Can Do to Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Relying on Videos


  • No expensive gym membership or trainer.
  • No travel time to and from the gym.
  • No drill sergeant trainers or “fitting in” the large-group class dynamics.
  • Privacy and convenience of home training.
  • No fancy gym clothes are required.


  • You must be self-motivated and a self-starter.
  • Videos are not personalized for you or your specific needs or goals.
  • Your video trainer is not with you to make adjustments or corrections.



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