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Best Tips – How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal Step-by-Step

Weight Loss Tips

How do you best achieve your weight loss goal? The best way to achieve a weight loss goal is to have a plan. Using a step-by-step approach means you have thought it through and ready to make changes.  If that is the case, you will benefit from these six easy-to-follow weight loss tips to help you reach your weight loss goals faster

Weight loss tip #1: 

Identify your primary motivation – i.e., WHY do you want to lose weight right now. Do you want to look better? Feel better? Live longer? Maybe you want to fit in a smaller tux or that evening gown you recently purchased on a whim? To lose weight, you must WANT to lose weight, and your reasons, your motivation, must be strong enough to overcome the inevitable cravings, temptations, and challenges you will encounter along the way. 

Weight loss tip #2:

Set Your Weight Loss Goals – Now that you have identified why you want to lose weight, determine how much weight or inches you want to lose. Set goals that are realistic and achievable. Even if you are severely overweight and have a lot of weight to lose, setting small and incremental goals is preferable. Ambitious dieters use the ideal body weight calculator to reach their weight loss goals.

For example, ten pounds in ten days is probably not safe, sustainable, or feasible, but ten pounds in 30 days is more practical. Write your goal down and keep copies in visible places throughout your house, starting with the front of your refrigerator.

Once you have your target, move onto weekly intermediate goals. Use these goals to develop a detailed plan to reach each milestone. After you identify your daily calorie needs and your approach to exercise, start planning your daily meals. 

Weight loss tip #3:

Don’t Go on a Diet – To successfully lose weight and body fat, you don’t need a diet, but rather a fresh eating approach. Most people can’t stick to a restricted-calorie diet for a lengthy period, so they quickly get discouraged and quit. Even those who can revert to the old habits once at the target weight gain back all the pounds.

To truly make a lasting change, you need to learn more about calories and macronutrients your body requires to function well, as this will likely motivate you to replace unhealthy, calorie-dense foods with healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

In short, instead of following quick fixes and fad diets, make healthy changes that last a lifetime. Even small healthy changes to your nutritional habits and lifestyle will soon yield results, motivating you to persevere until you reach your goal. You would have created new, healthier habits by that time, making it easy to maintain your new eating regime. 

Weight loss tip #4:

Keep a Journal – Keeping a fitness and weight loss journal or diary is a superb way to stay focused on your fitness and weight loss goals. By recording the foods and calories you consume, you will become more conscious of your eating habits. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions will help you identify any craving triggers and emotional eating patterns.

As you get in the habit of journaling your meals and exercise routines, it will also become easier to identify any problems or trends with weight loss, plateaus, or weight gain. Don’t dwell on the negatives, but instead use your journal to get back on track to reach your short- and long-term goals.

Weight loss tip #5: 

Find Your Support – Losing weight can be a challenge, but it becomes easier with a partner or a supportive group. Find a friend, neighbor, coworker, or a weight loss support group online or in person. Use your support system when you get tempted by calorie-rich foods or don’t feel like exercising. Likewise, use every opportunity to offer encouragement and positive feedback to others.

Weight loss tip #6:

Drink More Water – Water is essential for survival, as it supports all metabolic processes, including fat burning. Although most of us are used to reaching for sodas, colas, bottled juices, energy drinks, and similar when thirsty, in so doing, we consume hundreds of empty calories, artificial flavors, and high-fructose corn syrup. Choose water instead, and you will reach your target weight much faster!