What Equipment is Necessary for a Home Gym

Are you curious about what equipment is necessary for a home gym? You don’t need to spend a fortune or even have an entire room dedicated to working out to get fit and strong.

You can build your home gym for less than $1,000, invest in a few critical pieces of equipment, and still have everything you need to get in shape.

First, however, you’ll need to understand which parts of the equipment are necessary for home workouts and which are optional.


The exercises you want to do with your home gym will determine which items you should purchase first. If you focus on cardio training, stabilize your posture while lifting weights, or both, there are many options.

Below is a list of the essential equipment that will help you set up the perfect home gym space — no matter what exercises you frequently plan on doing.


The treadmill is a staple in almost every gym, but it’s also an excellent option for a home gym. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, running on a treadmill at home is preferable to outdoors — it is easier to control your speed and incline, which allows you to target specific areas of your body and better control your breath and heart rate.

In addition, running on a treadmill is much safer than running outside during inclement weather. If you want to get the most out of your treadmill workouts, be sure to pick one that can elevate, is quiet, and can hold the weight of an adult. A quality treadmill will last years and make running workouts much more enjoyable.

Weight Bench

This is a crucial piece of equipment for lifting weights at home. The best fitness equipment supplies will have sturdy benches, a wide and comfortable surface, adjustable back support, and plenty of sturdy legs and arm hooks to hold your weights.

Be sure to choose a bench that will suit your needs and your home gym, as some benches are higher or more comprehensive than others. You can even find benches with wheels to make moving and storing them more accessible.

resistance bands small dumbbells

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a staple in many home gyms because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and can be used in various ways. You can use these elastic bands to perform standing and seated exercises like lunges, squats, rows, etc.

You can also use them to add extra resistance to specific exercises, like a push-up performed with the help of one band on each hand for added intensity. We recommend getting a set that includes multiple bands of varying resistance levels.

Pull Up Bar

If you want to increase the number of exercises significantly, you can do it with your home gym and pick up a pull-up bar. This equipment will allow you to do pull-ups, chin-ups, knee raises, hanging knee lifts, etc.

You can also use a bar to perform push-ups, knee lifts, abdominal crunches, etc. You’ll want to pick a sturdy bar that can hold significant weight and comes with a secure mounting system that won’t damage your wall.

Jump rope

There’s no better way to get a complete cardio workout than a jump rope. Jump ropes are perfect for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, a great way to burn calories.

Plus, jump ropes are easy to store and low maintenance cost — you can pick one up for a few bucks and use it for years. You can also pick up weighted jump ropes from specific brands, which will help you build up your strength and endurance over time.

Choose a sturdy jump rope with a comfortable handle made with a quality material that won’t break easily. You might even want to look into a weighted jump rope if you’re going to jump rope indoors and want to increase your strength and endurance over time.

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