Fat Loss Exercises – The Top 10 that Burn the Most Calories

What’s the best way to get a six-pack? The answer is by burning calories. Today, we will share a list of 10 exercises that will help you burn the most calories in one hour. Also, this means it’ll be much easier for you to lose weight and get your dream body! You must question, “Which exercises burn the most calories?” Then you would first have to do deep research. Only then will you be able to know what works for you. Some exercises that help burn the most calories include:

1. Kettlebell Loaded Carrying Exercise

Kettlebell carries are among the ideal workouts you can perform for posture and your core. Also, kettlebell carries are suitable for targeting the whole body and helping in building strength. Thus, this is especially important if you want to increase your weight.

Carry heavy enough weight, which puts a force on your glutes. Also, this will ensure that you burn enough calories. Hold the weights at your side. Also, you need to relax your shoulders, open your chest wide, engage your limbs, tighten your abs, squeeze your glutes, and square your hips.

This exercise will burn from 500 to 700 calories.

2. Jumping Rope Exercise

Jumping rope is a simple exercise, but it has many benefits, especially burning more calories. It is ideal for the development of calf, ankle strength, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance. In addition, it enhances the bone mass density that helps protect against bone loss.

The perfect way to do this is to take it slow and to do it in bursts of half a minute. Then, when you master this technique with your timing, focus on elevating your speed and your duration so you can burn more calories.

This exercise burns around 500 calories.

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3. Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs can also help you with weight loss. Also, it comes as an everyday exercise you can do without putting too much pressure on yourself. Also, you can better burn more calories when you speed up the activity.

Stair climbing can help you burn many calories. It is like mountain climbing. It works on your hip and leg muscles. Therefore, you can see good muscle development as you perform the exercise routinely. Climbing stairs can also help in lowering your blood plasma cholesterol. It also works to speed up your anaerobic fitness. This is according to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Also, this activity burns around 500 to 700 calories per hour. Thus, this breaks down to 77 steps each minute.

4. Sprinting

Sprinting can help you increase your inner metabolism. You can use a treadmill or a track to do so. If you want to know which exercises burn the most calories, sprinting is your choice per se. It is an optimum effort that demands premier power from your hamstrings and glutes. You can promote fat loss this way. Also, you can build cardiovascular strength.

It burns around 950 calories in an hour.

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5. Rowing

Rowing makes use of all major body muscles. Also, it helps to improve the strength of your posterior chain. In addition, rowing increases your heart pumping and supports muscle growth. You also notice that it increases your metabolism. Therefore, it helps in fat loss. You can perform rowing at the gym or on a small boat made for rowing.

It burns around 700 calories per hour.

6. Kickboxing Exercise

Kickboxing targets the core and the upper body. It is an ideal exercise if you have knee pain or you can’t jump properly. Also, it improves overall upper body fitness, agility, strength, and aerobic power. Also, it increases basic skills such as coordination, balance, cardio rate, and endurance. It also helps to provide relief from stress. Finally, kickboxing is ideal if you want to know which exercise burns the most calories.

It burns around 800 calories per hour.

7. Kettlebell Circuit

If you search for which exercises burn the most calories, then a kettlebell circuit is one of the best options. These help increase both strength and cardio of the body. So, you lift weights in a manner that helps you to increase your heart rate. It also allows you to burn fat and gain more muscle. According to research, working out with kettlebells will help you improve your metabolism and strength. Make sure you include a push, pull, squat, swing, and a core to work your body. Keep the exercise alternating, so you don’t get muscle fatigue fast.

This exercise burns around 800 calories per hour.

8. Cycling

Cycling is an excellent cardio exercise if you are recovering from knee pain. It helps in improving both aerobic and anaerobic function. In addition, doing exercise intervals on the cycling bike helps to reduce body fat. If you want to know which exercise burns the most calories, spinning on a stationary bike is a good option. Adding fast sprint intervals with recovery intervals will help you burn more calories. Also, you will yield a higher after-burn.

It helps to burn around 800 calories per hour.

9. Running

If you want to know which exercises burn the most calories, you cannot ignore running. It has an enormous impact and helps push your body as you do every stride. Go for intervals of running, alternating with walking or light jogging. Use a work of recovery ratio of 1:2. Running differs from sprinting in that you pace yourself when you run while you go all out when you sprint.

It burns around 800 calories per hour if you run at a mile pace of 10 minutes.

10. Battle Rope Exercise

Battle rope exercises are ideal for short workouts. Also, this is because you burn more calories at a high intensity. Therefore, it helps to increase your heart rate as you burn more calories. However, you need to make sure you use the ropes of a heavyweight to attain maximum benefits.

It burns 600 calories per hour.

This article highlights which exercises burn the most calories per hour—this helps attain maximum fat loss if you do them correctly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top 10 exercises that burn the most calories. If you want to know more about how these workouts can help you lose weight, check out our articles on burning body fat to understand why it is essential to incorporate physical activity into your life. Or, if you want something quick and easy, try our high-intensity interval training routines. We offer free and premium workouts. What was your experience with burning fat? Let us know in the comments below.

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