Workout Program - 5 Things to Look for in a Training Routine

Why should you use a workout program for fat loss or muscle growth? You live in an era where everyone understands the importance of a fitness plan. Moreover, digital media, especially social media, has played a tremendous role in this regard.

Now people are actively trying to adopt ways to get a perfect figure and live a healthy life. As a result, they seek out the best program that can work for them. However, the question remains on how to find the right programs; there are various ones. Another critical question is when you should use a workout program.

Therefore, to solve your problem in this article, we will explain how to use a workout program to get results. Moreover, we will also shed light on why you should use one fitness plan over another. And finally, we will inform you of when you should use a workout program to build muscle or burn fat.

What is a Workout Program?

A workout program is a pre-defined and pre-designed exercise routine with specific sets, reps, and rest time.  Also, it comes with fixed goals and defined outcomes. You can say that it is a blueprint to target your muscles to achieve a fitness goal that helps you reach specific results.  For example, a pre-exhaustion workout program can help you bench press more weight (the goal) to build a bigger, more defined chest (the outcome).

Why Should You Use a Workout Program?

This section will highlight some of the reasons to understand the importance of having a proper workout program. These are:

1. Established, Pre-designed, Pre-described, Goals, and Outcomes:

One reason for opting for a workout plan is that it comes with defined goals and outcomes. For example, if you want to build a big muscular back,  based upon your experience level (one rep max), you can choose a workout that provides you with the weight, reps, sets, and rest time to reach your goals and outcomes. The only thing you must worry about is the workouts.

2. Already Researched and Proven:

The research and proven track record of a workout program is the most important reason to choose a fitness plan. It demonstrates the authenticity of a workout program. You can spend your time planning your meals and rest day, while your fitness plan guarantees you success in the gym.

Designed by an Expert/Industry Leader:

Experts and industry leaders who design workout programs have achieved remarkable milestones in the fitness industry, and they have a complete understanding of workouts. Finally, only those with extensive knowledge can offer workout programs to the world.

3. Keeping Track of Progress:

Another great reason to follow a workout program is that it keeps track of your progress. Although it is a long-term program, it still breaks your goals into stages to make them achievable. Your workout program acts as a blueprint for your success.

4. Prevent Over or Under Training:

Those who don’t follow a particular workout program have no idea whether they are over-trained or under-trained. You have to do the right form of exercise and the right amount of activity to achieve your goal. When you have a proper workout plan, it takes care of all that for you. A workout program versus your workout is like an automatic transmission car versus a manual transmission car. It may be fun to plan your workout, but something will get damaged if you do not know what you are doing.

5. Prevent Burnouts:

When you over-train, you will get burned out. A well-structured workout plan prevents burnout and takes you closer to your goal. The right workout program for you gives you the right amount of sets, reps, weights, and rest time to recover and build muscle or burn fat.

Which workout program is best for you

When it comes to choosing the best workout program for yourself, keep in mind that there are several factors you have to consider. There are different types of workout programs, including:

However, the most important thing you must understand is that each comes with its benefits and limits. Not every type of workout is for everyone. Therefore, special care is needed when it comes to choosing the right kind of workout program. Your experience, lifestyle, diet, and genetics play a crucial role.

To plan your workout, you must follow these steps:

1. Determine your starting point:

The most critical thing before planning your workout is to determine your level of fitness. It would be best if you found out where you stand. Take a performance test to determine how much weight you can lift.

The best test to use is the one-rep max test because most workout programs are built around your one-rep max. Make sure you use a spotter because they don’t call it the one-rep maximum for anything. An excellent place to start when completing the primary compound lifts like bench press and squat is your body weight.

2. Exercise suitable for your outcomes:

There are slightly different exercises for weight loss or weight gain. Therefore, choose a workout program that can take you closer to your goal. Keep in mind that the best workout is the one that you can stick with. Try to keep things simple and choose five exercises that can work for most of your body’s muscles. For example;

  • Squat and lunges for quads
  • Deadlifts, hip raise, or set up for butt and hamstrings
  • Overhead or chest press for chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Chin-up and pull-up for back, bicep, and forearms
  • Plank for core muscles

You can choose one exercise from each category for your workout program.

3. The number of sets and reps for your workout program:

If you are a beginner, the best idea is to start with 3 to 5 sets per exercise. In case you want to make it challenging, go for 8 to 10 reps per set. Choose a workout program that uses these types of reps and sets. The best fitness plan is the one you can complete.

4. Rest times:

The amount of rest is an essential part of a workout, even between sets and after a workout. For rest, follow these guidelines:

  • 3-5 minutes rest time for powerlifting
  • 2-3 minutes rest time for hypertrophy
  • 1-2 minute rest time when lifting for strength and size

A good workout program emphasizes the rest needed after the reps and set — the number of reps, sets, and weight affects your rest time.

5. How long to exercise:

According to research, the best time limit for a fitness plan for beginners and intermediate lifters is 45 minutes to an hour. Fitness plans like the 5 x 5 are ideal for beginning and intermediate lifters. Advanced lifters need more time and more advanced workouts like German Volume Training.

6. Rest days for your workout program:

Apart from training in between sets, you also have to take a rest between workout days. There is no need to work out seven days a week. For example, high-intensity programs like German Volume Training need more rest days due to the training’s high intensity, and low-intensity workouts like the 5 x 5 need fewer rest days.

7. Keep track of everything:

And most importantly, keep track of everything in a workout journal. A journal can help you follow your workout program.  It can also show you how your fitness plan is allowing you to reach your goals and outcomes.

Final words

Workout programs play a critical role in helping you get closer to your goal. Moreover, it comes with pre-described sets, reps, weight, and rest time based upon your one-rep max. A Fitness plan is a great starting point to learn your strength and limits.

Once you understand your body’s ability, you can customize one of the more popular workouts to meet your needs. The key is to challenge your body without damaging your body. You want your muscles to grow from your workout program and not a breakdown because of your fitness plan.

By Terry Clark

Terry Clark, M.S. is a math professor, certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, bodybuilding coach, writer, and fitness enthusiast. Terry loves working out, math, music, chess, cooking, writing, and teaching.

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