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Professional Bodybuilders are on top of the food chain. They are the best at building muscle and burning body fat. But most of them use steroids, so why would you want to learn more about them? The answer is simple: despite using performance-enhancing drugs, the best look ten times better than other professional bodybuilders. The benefit of reading articles about their life, career, and success in competition is they help you figure out what you need to focus on to improve your body. Jay Cutler says there are no secrets. The difference between the best and everyone else is that they can do it better. They figure out what needs to be done and find the drive to work harder and eat better than most humans imagine. Dorian Yates always says you think you are working as hard until you come and workout with me. Phil Heath once stated that he took bodybuilding to another level by focusing on recovery with acupuncture, massages, and cold treatment. Phil believes that bodybuilding is more than working harder and eating right. Thus professional bodybuilders incite, motivate, inform, educate, and prevent you from focusing on things that do not matter.

Celebrity trainers and nutritionists are the engines that drive the car. Ronnie Coleman once said he didn’t eat anything his nutritionist didn’t okay. He also noted that his nutritionist Chad Nicholls worked with many other professional bodybuilders, celebrities, and athletes like Mike Tyson. Many celebrities swear by Phil Goglia when they need to quickly get into shape for a new role. Also, Patrick Duffy has trained some of the biggest celebrities worldwide. There is a reason world-class athletes, professional bodybuilders, and celebrity movie stars hire the best nutritionist and fitness trainers. In addition, professional sports teams and college teams hire and rely on fitness trainers and nutritionists. Reading articles about trainers and nutritionists provides you with extra incite that you can use to improve your fitness and health. Sometimes you take away one thing from an article to add to your diet or improve your form on an exercise. But that one thing can be a game changer that takes your fitness and health to a new level. Because most of us can’t hire the very best, you must do it yourself by researching and reading as much as you can to stay informed. A good rule of thumb is to read or watch one video weekly, which only takes 10 to 20 minutes. The time will be well worth it as it will prevent you from wasting time on things that don’t work and keep you motivated as we all love to try new things.

Celebrity Bodybuilding is a step below professional bodybuilders. While they don’t take performance-enhancing drugs, they hire the best trainers, nutritionists, therapists, and doctors. Some of them even hire chefs. So like professional bodybuilders, they have an advantage over 99% of the population. The most important thing they do for you is to show you what is humanly possible without drugs. They also remind you that you get what you pay for and put in. Chicken is cheap, and cats and foxes eat chickens. So if you want to look like a cat or fox, eat a lot of chicken. But if you want to look like a lion, tiger, or bear, eat steak and salmon. Did you know that oysters are the second most nutrient-dense food in the world? There is a reason those foods are more expensive. Also, you need better equipment to build muscle. Bodyweight exercise can only take you so far. In short, money, quality, and results go hand in hand. While most of us can budget and focus on our diet, many of us can’t afford to hire a chef, nutritionist, or world-class trainer, and that is where reading about them and watching their interviews helps. It’s not the same as hiring world-class experts, but it is better than nothing.