Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

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Professional Bodybuilders

Phil Heath Image
Phil Heath

Professional Bodybuilders are the best at building muscle and burning body fat. But most of them use steroids, so why would you want to learn more about them? The answer is simple: despite using performance-enhancing drugs, the best look ten times better than other professional bodybuilders. Thus professional bodybuilders incite, motivate, inform, educate, and prevent you from focusing on things that do not matter.

Trainers & Nutritionist

Kardashian-Nutritionist-Philip-Goglia Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Phil Goglia

Ronnie Coleman once said he didn’t eat anything his nutritionist didn’t okay. Many celebrities swear by Phil Goglia when they need to quickly get into shape for a new role. Also, Patrick Duffy has trained some of the biggest celebrities worldwide. Because most of us can’t hire the best, we must do it ourselves by researching and reading as much as we can to stay informed.

Celebrity Bodybuilding

Henry Cavil

Celebrity bodybuilders have an advantage over 99% of the population. They show us what is humanly possible without drugs. While everyone can budget and focus on their diet, many of us can’t afford to hire a chef, nutritionist, or world-class trainer, and that is where reading about them helps. It’s not the same as hiring a world-class fitness trainer or nutritionist, but it is better than going at it alone.