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Category: Fat Loss Theory

  • The Mental Health Factors Driving Obesity

    Are you curious about the mental health factors driving obesity? Over the last two decades, obesity rates in the US have increased by nearly 50%, putting the health of hundreds of millions of Americans at risk. Therefore, understanding the factors influencing obesity is paramount to tackling it properly as individuals. Also, you can do this […]

  • Top Hacks that Experts Recommend for Faster Fat Loss

    Are you curious about the top hacks experts recommend for fat loss? Then, unfortunately, there is no substitute for simple exercise and healthy eating. While this is true, it’s also true that you can make life a little easier for yourself with a few clever tricks to speed up the process and help you lose […]

  • Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet for the Best Results

    Are you looking for a beginner’s guide for the Paleo Diet? Fad diets come and go. Some cause enormous waves and lots of buzzes, while others are rippling. But of all the fad diets, the majority cannot have lasting power and eventually outlive their time in the spotlight. Also, you cannot say this about the […]

  • 8 Top Ways to Maintain Weight After Losing It

    Are you looking for ways to maintain your weight after losing weight? It’s challenging enough to lose weight. Only approximately 20% of dieters who start their journey reduce weight and maintain it often. Unfortunately, many people lose weight to gain it back. Don’t let this discourage you. You will find many scientifically established methods for […]

  • Breath Test – Can Lumen and Ketone Meters Hack Metabolism

    Can you use a breath meter to hack your metabolism? Lumen and ketone meters have promised that they can hack your metabolism. But do any of them work? This article will discuss the science, application, options, cost, and whether a breath meter can hack your metabolism. Science Ketone Meters and If They Can Hack Your […]

  • What Is The Best Macronutrient Ratio to Lose Weight?

    Are you confused about the best macronutrient ratio to lose weight? You can use low carb, high protein, or high fat for weight loss. The best diet for you meets your biological and medical needs. Genetics also plays a significant role in the best diet for you, depending on your family’s medical history. Many of […]

  • Spot Fat Reduction – Is It a Myth or Can It Create the Perfect Physique?

    How can you use spot fat reduction to create your dream body? When looking down at your belly, wishing all the fat on it would magically disappear can be tempting. Your arms and legs look okay, but your stomach is holding on to a lot of fat. In situations like this, people wonder whether they […]

  • Cardio Exercises – The Top 5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

    What are the five best cardio exercises to help you burn stomach fat? If you’re looking to burn fat fast, then you need a proper power workout to shed those excess pounds. There are several great cardio exercises to burn fat, from extreme cardio, such as boxing and HIIT training, to low-impact options like the […]

  • Fat Loss Hormones – How To Use These Five To Lose Weight

    How do you use the five fat loss hormones to lose weight? If you’ve been working out and eating right and still haven’t reached your goals, your problem may be hormonal. When you don’t balance essential fat loss hormones or produce them in the right amounts, you can experience excess fat storage at the midsection […]

  • 5 Biggest Reasons For Not Losing Weight Despite Working Out!

    What are the reasons you are not losing weight despite your workout? You’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now and thought you had finally discovered the proper workout. So you got all your equipment ready and showed up every day. However, it seems you’re doing nothing whenever you check your progress. There’s […]