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Category: Mental Health – How to Nurture a Healthy and Fit Mind

  • Mental Health – How It Affects Physical Fitness

    What is the connection between your mental health and physical fitness? When health comes up for discussion, people think about their physical fitness, such as body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and hormonal functions. People rarely think about their mental health that much. It is essential to take into consideration that mental health is an important […]

  • Alzheimer’s Disease – How to Recognize Symptoms Early

    Have you ever met your close relative or friend who has completely forgotten you? Or someone unable to communicate and perform their daily tasks. There is a high probability that the person has Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to learn more about it, continue reading the article as we have discussed it in detail here. […]

  • Weightlifting – What Are the Mental Health Benefits?

    How can weightlifting benefit your mental health? This year brings several changes and new trends: one of which is an increasing trend of weightlifting. The benefits of weightlifting are much more significant than just fat loss. Weightlifting is not just for bodybuilders: anyone interested can get it; all you need to do is plan your […]