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Zac Efron Workout and Diet Came With Impressive Results

Zac Efron's Workout Program

How did Zac Efron’s workout program and diet create his impressive body? Zac, a native Californian, was encouraged by his father to try out his acting skills and take singing lessons at a young age. After he graduated from high school, this A-list star managed to land some great guest appearances on famous TV shows like The Guardian, ER, and Firefly, but his major break in the industry came when he was given the lead role, High School Musical.

Since then, millions of fans and followers have followed Zac’s career. He has appeared in innumerable movies, but his role in the film Baywatch in 2017 drew everyone’s attention towards his unusually buff physique.

The overall muscular appearance he gained for his part in the movie was fast. People cannot help but wonder what it took to make a body like that. What was his diet and workout program? Is it for an ordinary fitness enthusiast? In this article, we will talk about the workout, nutrition, and fitness journey of Zac. Also, we shall discuss everything else he did to become so hardcore!

Zac Efron’s Workout and Fitness Philosophy

To prepare for the character of Matt Brody in Baywatch, Zac teamed up with one of the most renowned and iconic Hollywood trainers, Patrick Murphy. He transformed his physique and body into an ideal body style for Baywatch.

In Baywatch, his body is undoubtedly the most shredded his fans have seen him on the screen. With his dedication and commitment to this movie, he has become a sensation and an inspiration for so many people, thanks to his social media accounts and daily workout posts.

Patrick Murphy, on the other hand, helped numerous Hollywood celebs for different roles in their movies. His clientele not only includes Zac but others like Keanu Reeves, Olivia Wilde, and Alexandra Daddario.

His website has all the necessary information and critical philosophy points that he used with Zac. It embraces macro-nutrition and other smart programming techniques fragmented into different phases to help you achieve your desired fitness goal in real-time.

There is plenty of material from media outlets, guidelines, and websites about Zac Efron’s workout program. All this information, mixed with Zac’s workout routine, can help anyone build a sensational body.  From everything we gathered on Zac, it is evident that he likes to maximize his time in the gym by including different supersets and circuits daily.

Zac Efron’s Workout Review

This workout plan was obtained from different sources, including Patrick Murphy’s website about Zac’s training. The training sessions are put together with comprehensive training principles and involve multiple supersets.

Zac Efron’s workout plan extends to 12 weeks; he works out 3 days on and one day off during this time. According to him, this type of training frequency helps him build more lean muscle mass. He keeps his rest periods moderately short throughout his session. For Zac, 40 – 60 seconds in between supersets do the trick. The exercises he uses are incorporated into supersets and a workout circuit. Zac performs his lifts before taking a rest period.

After every workout session, he performs 20 minutes of cardio, which is not too vigorous, and he enjoys it.

A Week of Zac Efron’s Workout

The only way Zac was able to accomplish only 5% body fat was through his constant determination in 12 weeks of training. Zac’s fitness routine’s objectives were to provide him with a buff body for his scenes and improve his performance to pull off lifeguard moves for his role quickly.

Zac Efron’s workout sessions comprised eight or ten exercises, with each exercise lasting for about 45 minutes. He used a 3-day split with rest in between every session.

The first day of the week was about his biceps and back. The second day was about his legs; finally, there were arms, chest, and shoulders. Every day included a few abs-related exercises where the moves were performed with supersets and 60 seconds rest in between.  Then there was a rest day and again a repeat.

It took 12 weeks of this cycle to get him the most astonishing results with a lot of raving and frenzy. This simple workout plan has given Zac a well-defined muscular, sensational body.  Today, he is all about lean muscle and sleek form with no signs of body fat.

But, is this regime suitable for an average person? Many people have already tried Zac Efron’s workout and diet program and have achieved some fantastic results and relief from different types of chronic pains!

Zac Efron’s Diet

Zac’s diet is based on whole foods. He tries to avoid sugar and refined foods as much as possible. He has experimented with different diets and then finally switched to a vegan diet, which he claims to be a life-changing event.

His trainer Patrick Murphy also executed an organic, whole-food diet for Zac while whipping him into shape for his buff scenes. Indeed, this method was celeb-approved and time-tested, all thanks to its undeniable results.

After every two weeks, Patrick changed Zac’s calories and carbs, proteins, and fats. He also supplemented his diet with different products like unflavored whey protein (with zero additives or additional ingredients). Also, Zac would consume at least 100 ounces of water per day as a part of his diet plan.

As far as his food is concerned, it was all-natural and lean! The five categories of food he was allowed to consume were:

Lean Proteins

This category includes chicken, turkey breast, egg whites, pork loin, steak, and fish.

  • Chicken (A single serving gives 55g of clean and lean protein)
  • Turkey breast (A fantastic source of lean protein but with low-sodium varieties)
  • Fish (Salmon and other fishes give adequate protein and omega-three fatty acids)
  • Pork lion (Best for lean and mean goals)
  • Egg whites (A rage with Zach since it makes you stronger)
  • Steak (Lean cuts gives iron, vitamin B12, and protein)

Whole Grains

Includes brown rice, quinoa, and oats:

  • Brown rice (the essential amino acids, carbs, and proteins that your body needs)
  • Oats (rich in fiber so decrease absorption of carbs in the body)
  • Quinoa (a complete source of protein and amino acids)

Healthy Fats

Seeds, avocados, and nuts are an essential part of Zac’s diet plan.

  • Avocado (Rich in omega-three fatty acids and fats)
  • Nuts (Zac is crazy for nuts, and you should too, as they are big on nutrients, healthy fat, and fiber)
  • Seeds (They deliver good fats, fiber, and other essential nutrients)

High-Fiber Fruits

It comprises pears, apples, and all sorts of berries. Though all of them have a significant amount of sugar in them, they are also a good source of fiber and essential electrolytes. Berries like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries help you burn extra calories from your body.


Zac consumes vegetables like sweet potato, green/leafy vegetables, carrots, and cruciferous vegetables.

Zac Efron’s Step by Step Workout Plan

Undeniably, Zac trained hard while getting ready for his buff scenes. He would work out three days a week with a rest day in between. Each workout session involved supersets, that is, two exercises back to back without any rest. For him, supersets proved to be great as they burned more calories, saved him more time in the gym, and enhanced his muscle growth.

Biceps and Back Day

Day 1 include straight-arm pull-down (8-12 reps and three sets), ab rollout (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), seated cable row (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), suspended row (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), neutral-grip pullup (8-12 reps and three sets), lat pull-down from knees (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest) Chin-up(8-12 reps and three sets) and dumbbell bicep curls (8-12 reps and three sets).

Leg Day

Exercises for day 2 include leg press (8-12 reps and three sets), squat suspension jump (20 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), Swiss ball hip extension (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), Swiss ball leg curl (20 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), reverse walking lunge (8-12 reps and three sets), mountain climber on sliders (20 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest)dumbbell Romanian deadlift (8-12 reps and three sets), and kick butts (20 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest).

Chest, Arms, and Shoulders Day

Zac’s chest, arm, and shoulder exercises include dumbbell squat front raise (8-12 reps and three sets), cross body cable rest (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), dumbbell floor press (8-12 reps and three sets), press up/pushups (8-12 reps, three sets and 1-minute rest), chest cable fly (8-12 reps and three sets), single-arm curl and single-arm pushdown (8-12 reps and three sets).

Takeaways From Zac Efron’s Nutrition, Workout, and Fitness Journey

Don’t Bulk to Cut Through Time.

A lot of fitness fanatics try to achieve body mass before shifting that weight to muscles. Zac’s trainer Patrick Murphy disagrees with the bulk/cut theory. According to him, Zac never went over 10% body fat the entire year; he worked with what he had and never added anything over-the-top.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Like every other action movie star, Zac also kept his eyes on the prize. He took everyone’s breath away with his fantastic physique and abs. for Zac, even if you are not about to star in a blockbuster film, there is always a substantial reward waiting for you, so stay focused on the task and rock your drool-worthy body.

Enjoy Versatility and Flexibility.

The biggest secret behind Zac’s incredible transformation journey was that he never went through a single workout twice during the 12 weeks. Versatility brings more joy, focus, and motivation in training, so it is crucial to keep things mixed up and stay determined towards your fitness goals.

Go for Heavy Training.

Zac’s body in Baywatch and all of its buff scenes didn’t happen overnight. He had to lift heavy three times a week for at least two months. It was all a part of his high-intensity program because he believed in the no pain, no gain formula.

Integrate Stabilization Movements

Though Zac Efron’s pushups, shoulder presses, and single-leg deadlifts are fundamental to many fitness fanatics, they still help to prepare your body for rigorous workout sessions.

Final Thoughts on Zac Efron’s Workout Program

Zac’s fitness level and extraordinary physique speak for itself, leaving no space for more explanations. When he publicized his newly transformed body, it came as a shock to his followers as it is hard to stay motivated and devoted to a challenging exercise program and diet plan. Zac has no cheat days; he works very hard to stay at his best and even goes out of his way to stick to his fitness plans.

Anyone who follows Zac Efron for his nutrition and fitness programs must remember that his workout sessions are always monitored by a professional trainer, nutritionist, and fitness coach, so it takes teamwork to get premium results! As a point of clarification, people who want to give their workout plan a try must stay focused and do their best. The more precisely you follow his workout program, the greater chance for you to achieve remarkable results.

Question and Answer

How old is Zac Efron?

Zac Efron was born on October 18, 1987.

How tall is Zac Efron?

Zac is 5’ 8” tall.

What is Zac Efron’s weight?

Zac’s weight fluctuates around 175 pounds.

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