How do you create powerful shoulders? Powerful, well-developed shoulders stand out, completing the upper portion of your “v” tapered figure. Building powerful shoulders requires the right combination of angles and exercises. Your shoulders support every movement you make with your arms and hands – they allow you to lift heavy objects and promote more efficient training for your other muscles as well. Although your shoulders may look small (now), they are composed of three distinct deltoid muscles you must train to develop them.

If you train all three – middle, rear, and front deltoids, you will have one complete pair of well-developed and powerful shoulders. Do not be the guy who trains one or two but ignores the third part of the shoulder.

Here are three simple but effective and efficient exercises to build muscle and power in your shoulders:

Standing Dumbbell Front Raises – As the name suggests, this exercise hits the front part of your shoulders, your front deltoids. Stand with dumbbells in both hands by your sides. Keep your arms straight the entire movement as you raise one arm with the dumbbell in front of you until it is parallel with the ground. Pause, then return slowly to your starting position. Now repeat with the other arm. Try doing the exercise slowly (if needed, use lighter weights) and do not swing the weights and use momentum as tempting as this may be. Remember to pause momentarily and hold the dumbbell at the peak (top) point for a second before you lower that arm.

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises – These hits your middle (deltoid) part of your shoulders. The start position is the same as the first exercise. But this time, raise both dumbbells at the same time to your left and right sides until each arm is parallel with the ground. For better performance and safety, bend your arms at a 10-degree angle. Pause briefly at the highest point and then slowly return to your start position. Watch yourself in the mirror and try to move both hands at the same time and to the same height.

When developing the shoulders you must be greedy and complete every move with perfect form to create Powerful shoulders.

Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raises – These hits your rear deltoids. You will need an incline bench set to a 45-degree angle for this exercise. Lay face down on the bench with your arms slightly bent (10 degrees) and pointing to the ground with a dumbbell in each hand. Then raise both arms at the same time similar to the previous exercise, but this time targeting the muscles of your back. You should feel as though you are spreading your wings. This exercise is challenging, so start with lower weights until you understand and are comfortable with the movement. You should feel this exercise at the back of your shoulders (your rear deltoids) above your shoulder blades.

Perform each of these exercises for 3 sets each of 6 to 12 reps. Set your goal and choose a heavyweight that you are barely able to make the last rep in order to build muscle efficiently.