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Plan Diet that Causes Fat Loss | What Type of Meals Should You Eat?

Diet Fat Loss

The critical factor of fat loss is how to plan a diet that causes fat loss. You need a balanced approach to burn belly fat, where equal consideration is given to energy, nutrients, satiety, and taste.

These factors determine how successful you will be at burning belly fat. To burn belly fat, you must eat less and move more. It is a simple formula when your food provides you with the right energy and nutrients. Many people also read what are the best ways to get real results from your diet.

The first step to plan a diet that causes fat loss is to know how many calories and nutrients you need.

You can use several types of online calculators to determine your calories. The metabolic resting rate calculator lets you know how many calories you need to live a sedentary lifestyle. To use it enter your ideal body weight and not your actual body weight. By entering your ideal body weight, this causes you to eat for the size you want to be.

You can always recalculate and change your calorie goals once you reach your targeted body weight. Your body responds to your diet calories.

Second, Google the nutritional facts for the foods you plan to eat. Eat foods that meet a variety of dietary needs. They allow you to eat fewer calories.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a fat loss plan because it is your first meal. You want to get off to a good start and keep it going throughout the day. An example of a good breakfast is coffee, oatmeal,  eggs, and strawberries. When you buy coffee ground, mix it with bags of liver detox tea, kidney detox, and red yeast rice capsules.

Use a pair of scissors to twist the tops of the capsules and then dump the content of the pills into my coffee ground. Add ¼ cup of premier protein shakes to my brewed coffee as a creamer and sweetener.

Coffee is an energy boost and vital organ cleanse. While preparing oatmeal, use real (Ceylon) cinnamon capsules, berries, and salt. Oatmeal has a satiety of 209%, which ranks third to potatoes at 329%. The satiety index ranks foods by how long they keep you full compared to bread. It would help if you used the satiety index to plan a diet that causes fat loss.

Oatmeal provides your body with soluble and insoluble fiber. It is suitable for your heart and digestion system. Cook eggs with a tablespoon of olive oil. It is essential to measure the olive oil because it has 120 calories per tablespoon.

Breakfast example

One cup of coffee with ¼ Premier Protein Shake 40 calories; 1 cup of Oatmeal 300 calories; 2 eggs 140 calories; 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil 120 calories; 5 Strawberries 20 calories; total calories 620.

When you eat a healthy breakfast, you can skip lunch and eat a healthy snack instead of getting the most from your fat loss plan.

Mostly when you eat oatmeal at 209% and eggs at 150% satiety, other foods you can use to control your appetite are oranges at 202%, apples at 197%, grapes at 162%, and cheese at 146% satiety. You can eat an orange or apple as a tasty snack between meals for 70 to 95 calories.

They both provide you with 18 nutrients. Space out your snacks and eat them between 12 to 2 pm.  Fruits have a bad name because of sugar. But they are right for you because of their nutrients. They allow you to go longer between meals. They keep you full, provide you with quick energy after fasting, and few calories. Most fruits have 100 calories or fewer.

Snack example

Apple 95 calories; Orange 70 calories; total calories 165 calories. You could also drink a protein shake at 180 calories.

The best dinner for a fat loss plan includes protein, fat, and a complex carbohydrate.

For dinner, eat fish, chicken, lean beef, or steak for protein. Eat one complex carbohydrate and one simple carbohydrate. The best complex carbohydrate is a baked white potato. It ranks the highest of all carbohydrates on the satiety index at 329%, which guarantees you will not be hungry.

Other complex carbohydrates to eat are brown pasta 188%, baked beans 168%, white rice 138%, lentils 133%, and brown rice 132% satiety. The best simple carbohydrate is spinach at 23 calories and 18 nutrients. Other simple carbohydrates to eat are broccoli at 34 calories and 20 nutrients, kale at 50 calories and 19 nutrients, cauliflower rice at 25 calories and 15 nutrients, and tomatoes at 25 calories and  19 nutrients.

Dinner example

Baked Salmon  300 calories; Cauliflower rice mixed with Spinach 50 calories; White Potato 147 calories; total calories 497.

In conclusion, know your foods.

Some foods give you more energy, and others make you feel full longer; not all foods are equal. Some foods help you plan a diet that causes fat loss while others sabotage your efforts. Eat protein to build muscle and repair cells, simple carbohydrates for nutrients,  complex carbohydrates for satiety and energy, and fats for taste and hormones.

Serving size determines the number of calories in food. If you eat more than the recommended serving size, you will eat more calories than listed on the nutritional label. The total calories of your daily plan should be based upon your metabolic resting rate and total daily energy expenditure calories.

The daily plan listed in this article will put most people into a calorie deficit, cause them to burn belly fat, provide them with enough nutrients, and prevent them from being hungry. If you require more energy, increase the serving size of the protein and complex carbohydrates until the plan meets your calorie needs. A wholesome meal has at least one protein, complex carbohydrate, and some fat. Check out: how to prepare a meal to burn fat or gain muscle.